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Preparing for Pregnancy Emotionally

Preparing for Pregnancy Emotionally Before getting pregnant, it is very important for you to make proper planning for it. Preparing for pregnancy before you become pregnant is one of the most important factors that you should consider. As you have planned to become pregnant, so you should be a healthy woman. And if you are healthier then you will also deliver a healthy baby.

Most doctors recommend you to make plans for your pregnancy as you start to think about having a future baby. The organs of a baby start developing in first few weeks after the pregnancy and before this, you may be familiar with your pregnancy. This is the most critical phase of the development of your baby, so you will require more planning in this stage. Until now, there is no any foolproof method that can help in making a baby healthy but you should not worry as there are several things available that you can do in order to improve the chances of delivering a healthier baby. By preparing yourself for pregnancy, you will get the better outcomes. How a pregnancy plan may be helpful for you? It will help you in following ways:

  • You will be able to conceive easily;
  • You will get a healthier pregnancy;
  • You will be able to reduce the complications of pregnancy;
  • You will give birth to a healthy baby;
  • You will recover soon after delivery;
  • You will get a pleasant experience of post birthing.
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Rational emotive behavior therapy

Rational emotive behavior therapy, also known as REBT is a type of psychotherapy and it is also a philosophy of style of living introduced by Albert Ellisin. REBT totally depends on the premise that if you are upset, the events that take place around you are not the reason of your upset. This upset condition is because of beliefs that you have and these beliefs cause a normal person to become anxious, enraged, depressed and tense. According to him, men are not classified by events in their lives but they are distributed by the different views which they take. Who don’t want to live a happy life? Of course everyone from us wants a happy environment. A pregnant woman should be happy because her mental condition can affect her baby also.

Mental health before pregnancy

Are you preparing for a healthy pregnancy? Mental health before pregnancy is very important factor not for only women but for men also. The choices that you make before you get pregnant do not affect on your chances to become pregnant and have a healthier pregnancy, but they may also severely affect on your future baby. So please be careful, when the time comes to think about your pregnancy and to make serious decisions on several issues. If you think that you cannot make right decisions at right time then you can also contact your doctor or take advice from any other woman in your family who has passed from this condition. Changes of your mental health can improve the chances of delivering a healthier baby. There are various things that you need to discuss with your partner for preparing yourself to get pregnant such as you should share your views on your feeling, emotions, parenting and the most important from all is your relationship. When a baby will come in your life, he or she will also bring a lot of changes in your life as well as your partner life. These changes may include emotional changes, mental changes, physical changes, financial changes and your career changes.

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Emotions before pregnancy

There is a strong relationship between pregnancy and kind of emotions before pregnancy. It is natural that mood of a woman changes during her pregnancy. This is due to the fact that the hormones of pregnant women changes and this change directly affect the levels of your neurotransmitters and wide range of the feeling that you may get to become a parent of new baby. Every woman shows different responses on these hormonal changes. Some women express their high emotions whether they are good or bad, while some women feel anxious as well as more depressed in this condition. Some women also show their mood that burst for 6 to 10 weeks.

Things to do to prepare for pregnancy

Your good health helps you r baby health also so it is ideal to prepare for childbirth before you get pregnant. Below are few things that you should do to prepare yourself for pregnancy:

  • Try to get a normal weight according to your height. You can check the Body mass index chart to determine if your weight is normal, above or below normal.
  • Schedule appointment with your doctor to discuss your plans regarding your pregnancy.
  • Do exercise regularly before and during your pregnancy. Exercise will give you not only physical fitness but it also helps you to destroy your stress.
  • Keep yourself away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs as they are quite harmful in the development of your baby.
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