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Pregnancy Facts and Myths

Pregnancy Facts and Myths So are you expecting now? Getting pregnant is the most pleasant moment for you and your partner as well, especially if you are going to become mom of first baby. There are various things that a woman or even man want to know regarding pregnancy.

Whether you are not woman who is not expecting yet, or you are a man who wants to get knowledge about what can happen with an expected woman, there are various pregnancy myths and facts which are important to know for everybody. In this article, you will get detailed information about several most popular pregnancy facts and myths. Below are some common facts that can occur during pregnancy. Have a look!

Common pregnancy facts

  • Duration of most pregnancies is about nine months but in case, the pregnancy goes on late about 10 to 11 months then doctors use some techniques to make delivery soon. But it is also possible to become pregnant for even one year.
  • Some women do not want to think to get erection with the baby boys even if they are young but the reality is that most of the baby boys get boners when they are present inside the womb. Both sexes of babies are masturbated inside the utero but the baby boys can also be caught during they arouse on sonogram.
  • Due date is coming up. How to calculate due date? Just use our free calculator! At the time of delivery, it is very common for most women to expel their stuff of the bowels. Well! It is good in one sense that the muscles that pregnant women use for pushing their baby outside during childbirth are same as they use during the movement of the bowels.
  • It is a common saying that when a woman get pregnant, then automatically she glows and many people think that the glowing of a woman is because of excitement to become a mom of baby. For pregnant women, glow of their skin is a real thing that always happens. When you are bearing a child, the amount of total blood in your body increases to almost 50 percent. This extra 50 percent blood in your body shows from the skin of pregnant woman in certain areas, specially the cheeks.
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Pregnancy myths

If you are trying to do best for the sake of health of your future baby but at the same time you are also confused with what it looks like the huge list of the pregnancy myths that increase after every new month of your pregnancy then keep in mind that you are not only the one. You are not alone who has to face with this growing list as most mother are concerned with it and they also have the same confusion. Below are the most common myths about pregnancy that you should know if you are planning to become pregnant. You should know answer of these questions as it is matter of not only your health but during your pregnancy you also have to take care of your future baby.

Can I drink coffee while pregnant?

Some people think that drinking coffee during pregnancy is very harmful. You can enjoy coffee in your pregnancy if you are addicted to it but you should not exceed from 200mg of caffeine in one day. In other words, you can drink one brewed coffee cup or 2 instant coffee cups in your pregnancy. thing that you will need to consider is the amount of caffeine and you drink over 200mg of caffeine during your pregnancy, then there would be more chances of miscarriage or low weight of your baby.

Can you get pregnant without penetration?

Yes, it is possible for you to become pregnant without penetration of sexual intercourse. Alternative sexual outercourse techniques and ways to get pregnant are as follows:

  • If there is semen on your or your partner’s finger that touch your vagina.
  • If your partner discharges near to your vagina.
  • If penis of your partner contacts with your vagina.
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Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

It is not possible for women to become pregnant from only anal sex. A woman can get pregnancy only if the sperm goes inside the vagina before or after anal sex. Moreover, you should also use proper protection while doing anal sex. By doing unprotected anal sex, you may get high chances of infections which transmit due to sexual relations such as Chlamydia, HIV and gonorrhea. You can read a lot of information about Chlamydia symptoms and treatment in our articles. By using condoms, you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted dangerous infections.

Can you have a period while pregnant?

Answer is No. if you are pregnant, then you cannot have periods that occur when you are non-pregnant. Some pregnant women have vaginal bleeding this is not the same bleeding that you experience in your regular periods (menstruation). Every month, your uterus produces more thick blood to prepare egg and if you are not pregnant in that month then you shed this blood, this is your regular menstrual period.

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