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Vaccination Before Pregnancy

Vaccination Before Pregnancy

The health of a woman is paramount as she has to carry the child in womb for 9 months

It is a woman who has to bear the burden of pregnancy right from conception till labor and finally delivery. She is responsible for the optimum physical health and mental health of the child she gives birth to. This obviously necessitates keeping optimum health, and before hopping into bed to try and become pregnant, it makes sense to get oneself checked by a

Vaccination Before Pregnancy
Vaccination Before Pregnancy

gynecologist so that there are no health concerns during pregnancy and after giving birth to the child as well. This is where vaccinations become so very important.

Some medications are better if given before conception

We all know how important vaccination during pregnancy is for the health of the expecting mother and the unborn baby. However, there is more to pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby than we know. There is a complete subject of preconception health of a lady that talks about not just the physical but also mental health. The rational emotive behavior therapy may help you in this way. Of course the topic of preconception health is vast and covers many aspects from exercise to diet apart from lifestyle and work. On e important aspect of this preconception health is vaccine before pregnancy that most ladies are unaware of. However, vaccine before pregnancy is not just arousing the interest of wannabe moms but also making them aware of what they need to do to give birth to babies with optimum physical and mental health.

Some diseases that require immunization during or before pregnancy

Vaccination immunizes an unborn child from many diseases and he is protected from these diseases. It is possible to vaccinate a lady even before she has conceived to make sure that the baby she gives birth to is free from diseases like rubella, chicken pox, Group B streptococcus, and so on. Tetanus shot, when given to a lady even before conception, has the potential to ensure that the baby born after conception is free from this disease. At present, tetanus shot while pregnant is a popular way to ensure that the baby does not catch the infection when he is finally born.

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Another disease that is of concern for the health of the unborn baby is pertussis or whopping cough. This is a bacterial infection that ahs a chance to pass over to the baby if the mother catches the infection during her pregnancy. Pertussis in pregnancy has the potential to harm the baby seriously which is why expecting mothers should be vaccinated for this disease as a routine. Pertussis vaccine pregnancy has become common these days because of the awareness campaigns run by several NGO’s and foundations like March of Dimes. March of Dimes pregnancy website is one major source of information about woman’s health and the health of the baby to be born. March of Dimes was set up as a non profit foundation to work for the health of expecting mothers and their babies by President Roosevelt in 1938. In particular, the foundation works to prevent birth defects in babies. The prime objective of this foundation is to immunize pregnant ladies through vaccination.

Many medications can save the baby to be born from certain ailments. However, these drugs are treated as harmful for the other to be and the child. This is why it is better to give vaccine before pregnancy rather than giving the dosage during pregnancy. Though there is no research to confirm the fears that certain medications harm the baby in the womb, immunizations in the form of vaccinations even before a woman has conceived is increasingly being considered as a safe way to protect the unborn baby from diseases.

A hot topic of debate among doctors and expecting mothers these days is flu shot and pregnancy. Doctors say that a flu vaccine pregnancy means full protection of the woman during pregnancy and the unborn child from serious illness cause by flu to the expecting mother. Flu is one viral infection that causes more harm when a lady is pregnant than when she is not pregnant. There can even be a miscarriage or preterm baby being born to a woman catching the flu during pregnancy. Immune system of a pregnant lady is weakened and this is why flu is considered to be more problematic in case of pregnant lady. Evidence is mounting in favor of benefits to pregnant ladies and their unborn babies when they take flu vaccine during pregnancy. This is why today there is no doubt over should pregnant women get the flu shot.

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Whether vaccines are administered during pregnancy or before conception, the motive in both cases is to safeguard the health of the woman and her baby. However, immunization through vaccination before conception is today being preferred over vaccinations during pregnancy.

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