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Wild Yam and Its Effect on Fertility

What is Wild Yam

Wild Yam and its effect on fertility Conception and giving birth to baby greatly depend upon if couple is fertile or infertile. Infertility is actually lack of ability to conceive child after 1 year of constant trying with help of natural sexual association. Large number of people are facing problem of infertility worldwide. Various people acquire medical help in this regard and some of them seek expensive and complicated medical treatment. However, there are many people searching for herbal methods for treatment of infertility. Wild Yam is one such herb used for this purpose.

Another name of wild yam is Dcoscorea villosa. The wild yam root is utilized by herbalists from centuries. Wild yam benefits are numerous and used for treatment of infertility, menstrual problems as well as stomach problems.

Wild Yam and male fertility

Wild Yam can be used for various health purposes. However, it is believed that it play an important part to enhance male fertility. Different ways in which wild yam can enhance fertility in men are:

  • It is believed that wild yam improves natural progesterone in human body. That is why it reduces risks of male infertility.
  • Wild Yam with its special nutrients helps to decrease presence of triglycerides in human blood which results in improving flow of blood to reproductive organs reducing high pressure of blood which certainly enhance the sperm quality and sperm motility in males.
  • As presence of virus and bacteria in male body can result in inflammation of reproductive organs which can also result in abnormal sperm count resulting in infertility? This issue can be resolved with help of wild yam as it improves immunity in body and protect body from inflammation due to bacteria.
  • Wild yam help to balance the level of testosterone by reducing its production which also results in balance hormone level in body and better liver functioning.
  • With wild yam it is possible to improve digestive system of body which also increase consumption of nutrients in body and reduces chances of infertility due to nutrient deficiency in body.
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Wild Yam benefits for women

Taking wild yam as treatment or as part of food not only beneficial for men but play an important part in improving health of women. Wild Yam root by women is continued since long. In folklore it is also known as colic root. As wild yam works as antispasmodic so it is beneficial for various health conditions.

Wild yam extracts can help to deal with various female problems. This root greatly helps women during menstrual cramps. Women also use this root for treatment of nausea in pregnancy. It can help to enhance the hormonal level in female body which can improve fertility of woman. However, it is also consumed by women during menopause state all over the world. Wild yam cream benefits are equivalent to wild yam supplements.

Mexican wild Yam is used by local women to treat symptoms of menopause which provide great relief to these women. At one hand wild yam is believe to improve fertility of human body however, on other hand wild yam is also used as contraceptive agent by women for long time. However, laboratory research is still progressing in this regard.

Side effects of Wild Yam

Although wild yam extract benefits are numerous and it is powerful healing agent. However, this herb is known to react with estriol present in body. Estriol is usually present in birth control medicines. When wild yam reacts with this substance in body it can diminish the effects of birth control and women can conceive conveniently. This side effect of wild yam is used for improving fertility of women at large.

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Consuming Wild Yam

Wild yam can be consumed in form of cream or capsules. However, the method of consuming wild yam also determines its effects on human body. Like wild yam tea will effect body differently from then powder form of this root. Wild yam and its effects on fertility also differ by amount of taking wild yam and duration for which this herb is used. It can enhance the fertility of body as well as it can help to reduce the fertility level in body. Using wild yam complex starting from menstruation cycle to ovulation and then terminated its use will help to enhance the fertility of body, however, it can also be used as contraceptive agents by using wild yam for while month.

You can fund various recipes for wild yam cream like wild Mexican yam cream, Jason’s wild yam cream which can help to customize the taste of wild yam according to your will. Wild yam can help to enhance the male fertility as well as female fertility if administered in right amount and for right time. Otherwise, people can suffer from side effects of wild yam like diarrhea, nausea, etc. These side effects can be minimized by using recommended amount of wild yam only.

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