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What are the Best Prenatal Vitamins

What is the reason of vitamins using

What Are The Best Prenatal Vitamins To start caring of your future baby, there is no as perfect time as the time of preconception care. Don’t think that it is too early to care your baby during the preconception. As most people think that it is not the proper time but preconception health care called it the best time. Nothing is easy and smart way than the prenatal vitamin. Daily prenatal vitamin ensures you that your future baby is storing all nutrients that are necessary in order to conceive your future baby. Not only this, if you are planning to become pregnant and by taking the prenatal vitamins daily, you can make yourself healthy during your pregnancy.

So what else you need more if you are taking the best advantages of prenatal vitamins. Start taking prenatal vitamins in early stage and in first days of your pregnancy, you will experience vomiting and nausea in few episodes. And yes it’s true as it happens with all women who have got the news of becoming mom. There are a lot of vitamins that can help you to increase your fertility. Now the most important question is that how to make sure that you are choosing the best prenatal vitamins.

How to choose your personal prenatal vitamins

  • Check the label
    Check the label of vitamins to see the quantity of folic acid. Choose vitamins that contain at least 400-MCG folic acid. It is very important to take the sufficient amount of folic acid. If you take prenatal vitamins that contain the true amount of folic acid before pregnancy and in early stages of your pregnancy, because they can be very helpful to reduce the chances to grow the neural tube defects in your baby such as spina bifida. Another recommendation to couples having troubles with conceiving is to use multivitamins like geritol tonic.
  • Make certain it dissolves
    There are unlimited prenatal vitamins that do not have capability to dissolve your stomach quickly. Search for the United States Pharmacopeia (abbreviated as USP) seal on vitamins that you buy. This seal means that your vitamins have met the dissolution standards.
  • Make sure you can stomach it
    If you feel that some vitamin pills can damage your stomach or you feel an irresponsible behavior then you should not go for those vitamins. If you feel trouble in swallowing these pills, please check if there is slicker coating on them. Avoid from pills that do not contain the calcium. You should try prenatal vitamins that contain the essential mineral in them. Don’t expect for great taste, just think that what is important for your health as well as your baby health.
  • Do not take overload supplements
    It is true that prenatal vitamins supplements are the basic needs of your health during your pregnancy or before your pregnancy. But taking the overdose is also very harmful for your health. You should stay away from extra supplements unless your doctor suggests for them.
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Prenatal vitamins before pregnancy

If you have planned to become pregnant in future, there are various things that you should take care. One most important thing that you should notice is to think about the less caffeinated life. Excessive amount of caffeine is not good for your baby health. If you are not pregnant and you use caffeine a lot then don’t expect that you can become a mother of child so before planning you should keep caffeine away from your life. So it is good idea to take your start by cutting it down and this may help to become future quickly. According to research, taking the high caffeine may be the cause of miscarriage. If you are great lover of caffeine and you can’t live without caffeine, you can take two cups of caffeine in one day. It is fine if you are planning to get pregnant but if your doctor suggest you to cut it down completely then you can slowly reduce the quantity of caffeine every day.

Prenatal vitamins side effects

All pills can cause side effects but many people get no or just little side effect. Most common side effects of prenatal vitamins include stomach upset, nausea, green stools, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea.

Chewable prenatal vitamins

Most pregnant women don’t require taking chewable prenatal vitamin but the same amount of women who don’t like the flavor of masticate-able prenatal vitamins. A number of mineral and vitamins are not good in taste, they are naturally very strong and it is very difficult to intake because of bad taste. Prenatal vitamins are large but some women may feel trouble in swallowing them. Also, there are some pregnant women who think that swallowing and taking large and bulky pills can make their morning worse. For those women, the best choice that you can take is chewable prenatal vitamin.

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Some prescription prenatal vitamins are also available in chewable form like “NataChew”. In some cases, the doctors suggest you to take 2 chewable prenatal vitamins in one day and this diagnose is similar to take one prenatal vitamin. Moreover, these vitamins are also really good in taste.

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