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Nutrition Essentials: Food for Fertility

Right foods – happy pregnancy

Nutrition essentials: Food for fertility In some cases, infertility is related to the nutrition that you intake and it can also be corrected by taking nutritional fertility foods. There is a great relation between proper nutrition and fertility and being a fertile mean you are getting and balancing weight of your healthy body.

You should learn a lot of information about fertility diet plans, and fertility boosting foods to prepare your body for pregnancy. Moreover it is strongly recommended to use prenatal vitamins like geritol before pregnancy.

If you are overweight or obese, then it can cause infertility or irregular menstrual cycle. Being overweight can also increase the chances of miscarriage and decreased risk of success in the fertility treatment. If you are underweight or you are too thin then it can cause various problems regarding ovulation. Fat cells of your body and ovaries are the major causes of producing estrogen which is helpful for regulating the ovulation. But if you are too weak, then your body will lose ability to produce the enough estrogen and if you are too heavy or overweight then your body will produce excessive amount of estrogen.

So, it is very important to maintain your healthy weight before or throughout your pregnancy, but if you do not take care of your healthy body then it means you are throwing the reproductive and menstrual out of the balance.

Do you know which foods are essential for your fertility? Well! If you are trying to become pregnant then you should know fertility boosting foods.

  • Fish roe and wild-caught oily fish
    Fish roe is a great nutrition for pregnant women and it is a rich source of omega-3 (fatty acids), vitamins D, DHA, EPA, B12 and minerals. It is a powerfully super food which is fully fertile with the nutrients that are perfect for women who are trying to conceive. It contains high quantity of fatty acids from omega-3 to omega-6 that completely favor fertility in women as well as men.
  • Fermented cod liver oil
    Fermented cod liver oil is same like the fish roe. It contains DHS, vitamin D and EPA in rich ration. In addition to this, it is as well a great source of providing vitamin A. half teaspoon of this oil is enough to take in one dose that provides 230 percent of the daily value for vitamin D and also 90 percent of the vitamin A on daily value. Supplementations that are provided with the fermented cod liver oil such as antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, show promising results if you treat women who are suffering from the infertility. In the same way, supplementations of foods that are rich with omega-3 fatty acids are very important to make treatments for the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Thus, polycystic ovary disease is the major cause of infertility in women. Along with the fermented cod liver oil, there are many other foods of fertility that contain fat soluble vitamin A. if you intake poor maternal of the vitamin A in your body at the conception time or during your pregnancy, then it may causes a faulty formation of the palate. While by taking the high vitamin A, your body will be able to reduce these risks.
  • Pastured egg yolk
    Pastured egg yolks are deep nutrient, rich with the moega-3 fatty acids that help in boosting fertility, vitamin A, vitamin E and choline. Choline plays an important role in the preconception as well as pregnancy diet and fulfils the requirements of producing the nervous system. Some lactating and pregnant women do not intake choline for growing their future baby during their pregnancy. Medical experts suggest that you should increase the foods in your diet that are full of choline, especially if you are lactating or pregnant woman.
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Nutrition before pregnancy

If you are planning to become pregnant then preconception nutrition should be a vital choice for you. There are numerous factors that have significant importance to take care of health of a mother during pregnancy and to develop fetus, such as weight of women as compared to pregnant women and what pregnant women should eat. If you are going to become mother of first child then you might not know what you should take during your pregnancy. Before planning for pregnancy, you should know “foods that increase fertility in women”. You can search or internet or direct consult your doctor to get suggestion regarding your diet.

Many women do not contain proper status of nutritional to fulfill the demands of their pregnancy. For a pregnant woman, it is necessary to add 300 more calories in their daily routine. An intake of these calories can help to develop their fetus and baby growth properly.

Foods to increase fertility

Below is a list of food for fertility that you should emphasize during your pregnancy.

  • Grains
    Eat foods made with rice, cornmeal, wheat, oats and whole grain.
  • Vegetables
    Eat different vegetables such as dark green, orange, red and starchy vegetables.
  • Fruits
    Add fruit and fresh juices in your daily diet.
  • Dairy
    Choose milk products and foods that are made from the milk and contain calcium in high quantity.
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