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Nutrition and Trying to Conceive

Nutrition And Trying To Conceive If you plan to remain pregnant, maybe it is time to think about what you are eating, and to plan a new diet. the diet of a woman must be different while trying to conceive, as a fertility diet will not only ensure higher chances for the child to be born, but also a healthier pregnancy in case this event happens.

The fertility foods must ensure a greater quantity of minerals and vitamins, especially those that are lost during pregnancy, meaning the folic acid, calcium and iron. Of course, your partner must also respect some rules, as the foods to increase fertility are not useful only for men.

Foods that increase fertility in women: fruits and vegetables

Eat many fruits and vegetables every day, preferably of different colors, as you must ensure the necessary of vitamins and minerals. Choose food that is rich in iron, such as salmon, sardines and generally any kind of sea fish.

Some other fertility boosting foods are the diary products, as they will ensure the necessary of calcium. Of course, the products must have a low quantity of fats.

It is important to make a connection between fertility cycles and nutrition. During ovulation, it is important to eat fresh fruits, but as soon as this period is over, you should also try dried foods and cereals. In fact, a good fertility nutrition can be established by a nutrition specialist. While in the past, any women was able to establish her own diet without worries, today, the nutrition specialist is mandatory, as with all those products available on the market, it is sometimes hard to establish the best nutrition and fertility program.

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Hard liquors should be consumed moderately, and it is recommended to have at least three days in a row per week without any ethanol-containing product. In fact, it is recommended to renounce effects of alcohol completely, although a beer or a glass of wine now and then can’t hurt.

Fertility and nutrition after conceiving

Women must understand that the diet before the actual moment of conceiving is different from the diet needed after conceiving. It is true, there is a strict connection between nutrition for fertility, but once you are sure you are pregnant, you should start to think about the necessary foods to ensure the fetus a healthy development. For example, Omega 3 will increase the IQ of the child, and while trying to conceive, tuna and other fish products are recommended, but not mandatory, it is important to consume them as soon as you are pregnant.

Stop smoking and exercise. While in the case of alcohol, exceptions can be made now and then, in the case of smoking, it is important to renounce this habit for good. moreover, your partner should also quit this habit while trying to conceive, as the chances of remaining pregnant will grow, and in case you are able to conceive, the child will be healthier. Sure, it is sometimes hard for your spouse to respect those rules, but as long as you will need to make sacrifices for nine months, he must also be able to make them for a limited period.

What should you avoid for the fertility diet

Avoid Vitamin A, as it can affect the development of the fetus. Liver and pate are the foods that contain the most significant quantities of vitamin A; therefore, those are the foods that must be avoided during a diet. the fertility foods might contain other harmful substances, therefore you must establish a strict diet with your nutrition specialist.

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Organic foods to increase fertility

While trying to conceive, you should think about the foods that increase fertility in women, and especially the organic foods. It is hard to find such foods on the market, and they are also expensive, but you should make this sacrifice as long as you want to conceive and as long as you are pregnant.

If you can’t renounce sugar and oil, at least try the brown sugar and the olives oil that are less harmful for the organism. As for white bread, it must disappear completely from your diet, although it is recommended to renounce bread completely.

The fertility boosting foods can’t be taken from a list, as any women reacts differently to an aliment. This is why you should establish the fertility cycles and nutrition with the help of a specialist.

Fertility nutrition for men

Men must also be careful, as there is a strict connection between nutrition and fertility. Their diet must contain meat, fish, eggs, cereals, but also fruits that are rich in vitamin C and vitamin B12. the nature is rich in foods, fruits and vegetables that are useful during those periods, and it is a good idea to profit from those. In any case, even if you are a vegetarian, you should introduce fish and light meat in your diet at least for the pregnancy period.

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