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How to Use a Fertility Calendar

Improve your chances of conception with the help of internet

How to use Fertility Calendar If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you must have noticed that honest try doing sex with your partner is sometimes not enough. Every woman has a different menstrual cycle and there are changes in cycles depending upon months of a year also. Keeping track of ones fertility and knowing the time of the month when one is most fertile gives a woman higher chances of becoming pregnant than if she were to indulge in sex in an unplanned manner. Every woman must learn about her fertility calendar to make fertility chart depicting fertile days of the month. There are available on the internet many websites providing help to ladies through their fertility calculator to arrive on their most fertile days. However, it must be kept in mind that fertility calendar and fertility calculator are only tools that increase your awareness about your own fertility but cannot do anything to improve your fertility.

Know when you are most fertile in a month


Every woman has a few most fertile days in a month as well as not so fertile days depending upon her menstrual cycle. Women can keep track of their fertility calendar to observe the patterns and know when they are most fertile to have unprotected vaginal sex with their partners as this increases their chances of becoming pregnant. The calendar method requires a woman to record the length of her menstrual cycle including the first day of her cycle as day one for at least 8 cycles though experts say that recording the length for 12 cycles is certainly better. There will be some cycles with 27, some with 28, and some with 29 days. There are very easy ways to calculate the first fertile day of the cycle, the last fertile day of the cycle, and the days of the cycle when the woman is most fertile. Fertility calculator is a very effective of knowing one’s most fertile days in a month and in a study where couples relied on fertility calendar and fertility chart to arrive on most fertile days to have unprotected days, a majority found that females became pregnant within a year.

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You may get wrong results if your cycle is not regular

The only drawback with the fertility calendar method of ascertaining the fertile days of a menstrual cycle of a woman is that it assumes regular and same length of the cycle. For many ladies, periods are irregular not allowing them to pinpoint with certainty the exact day of their ovulation. Now if there is an error in calculating the day of ovulation, there would obviously be error in calculating the most fertile days to have unprotected sex also.

Most of the websites that present their free fertility calculator assume normal periods of the ladies who are trying to find out their fertile days through this tool. This tool simply asks ladies to enter the first day of their last menstrual cycle as well as the length of their cycle in number of days. This way of monitoring your fertility with the help of the fertility chart tells you when you are ovulating in a month and therefore the days of the month on which you have the highest chances of conceiving if you have unprotected sex with your partner. Trying to conceive in a random manner is always going to be a frustrating exercise. When there are advanced tools like fertility calculator, fertility chart, and fertility calendar available so easily on many websites on the internet, it makes sense to take help and assistance from any of these websites to get to know one’s most fertile days as well as the day of ovulation. For all women who are finding it troublesome to get pregnant, it can be helpful to make use of these tools that allow charting of their fertility.

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Do not expect miracles but you can certainly feel in control of your fertility

Of course knowing your fertility helps, but fertility calendar does not improve your fertility. Fertility and pregnancy are intricately interrelated and it is matter of knowledge if simply having sex with your partner is not yielding results. Using a fertility calculator, you can not only find you fertile days but also know how ovulation and fertility are closely related. If when I am most fertile is your question, rest assured you get answer to this question and much more with the help of a free fertility calendar available on so many websites on the internet. Using a fertility calendar is as easy as clicking a mouse and all calculations are done by the site. All a lady is required to do is to correctly enter the first day of her last menstrual cycle and the average length of her menstrual cycles.

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