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Fertility Drugs and Pills

Fertility Drugs and Pills

If you are preparing yourself for pregnancy and you are also facing fertility problems then drugs are compulsory step that you should take for treatment. There are millions of women who are struggling with gobadotropins and clomiphene every year. How fertility drugs and pills do treatment for fertility problems? In short you can say that these little drug pills and injections help your body to promote the ovulation. Clomiphene performs its functionalities by

Fertility Drugs and Pills
Fertility Drugs and Pills

stimulating the hormones into your brain for producing multiple eggs that are ready to get release from the ovaries every month. Gonadotropins work in your body by stimulating ovaries to generate more and more eggs in your body. Fertility pills and fertility drugs are the foremost solutions that you should adopt to tackle your fertility problems if you are trying to conceive fertility.

Definition: what are fertility pills

These pills are actually drugs that are prescribed by the physicians in order to increase your fertility. These pills may involve Parlodel (Bromocriptine) or Serophene and Clomid, also called Clomiphene. Basic purpose of these products is to make promotion for the ovulation. There are some drugs that many produce side effects besides producing the emotional infertility upheaval issues. For instance, use of Clomiphene can cause breast tenderness, ovaries swelling, and pain in stomach, vomiting, sight problems, fatigue, nausea, headaches, and increase in weight, depression and ovarian cysts in some major cases. Moreover, a pregnant woman can also get chance of birth multiple times. Side effects that can be seen possibly with Bromocriptine are dizziness, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and chronic fatigue. Well, there are many drugs that are totally safe and proved to be successful to treat patients.

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Most common fertility drug – Clomiphene

Do you think that Clomiphene is right choice for you? It can tell you whether the ovulation is regular or irregular, especially if you also have polycystic ovarian syndrome, abbreviated as PCOS. In case you are patient of PCOS and this drug does not give positive affects then your doctor can ask you for metformin. It is an insulin sensitizing drug that can quickly show response to the clomiphene. You can take clomiphene before you planned for the assisted reproductive technology treatment like “IVF” that can give you encourage for producing several eggs. It is also one from the fertility drugs for men that can help them with imbalance of hormones. It can help to originates inside the hypothalamus and link hormones to lower sperm count or to decrease sperm motility.

Clomiphene is available in the form of pills and you can take in five days cycle in one month. These pills are strong enough to produce more hormones in your body and trigger the ovulation. It helps you in prompting the ovaries so that they can develop one of multiple mature eggs, based on after how much time you mostly ovulate. After finishing a complete clomiphene cycle, your hypothalamus can release Luteinizing hormone or LH. It is a part of your brain that can run basic functionalities like temperature and helps your ovaries to produce mature eggs inside the fallopian tubes. When these ends combine with healthy sperm in to the uterus, you will get a chance for conceiving.

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What is the duration of treatment with Clomiphene? You should take these pills for three to five days of your menstrual cycle and you can keep taking these pills more for about five days. This is the case if your period is regular but if your period is absent or not regular, then your doctor will examine that you are not pregnant and you can use clomiphene.

Natural fertility supplements for women

Medorn medicine technology introduced various procedure and fertility pills while practitioner experienced many ailments with the natural supplements such as infertility. But it is not a good idea to take both fertility drugs and herbal remedies at the same time.

Some natural fertility supplements for women that you should try for increasing your fertility include:

  • Black Cohosh
    It is an antispasmodic that can give relieve of menstrual cramps and increase the ovaries. It is recommended to use it in first half of the menstrual cycle. After ovulation, you can stop taking this antispasmodic.
  • Evening Primrose oil
    It is a good quality cervical mucous that you can take during your menstrual cycle. Please note that you should stop it after ovulation because it can lead to contractions of uterine which can cause risk of implanted embryo.
  • Vitex Agnus Castus
    This herb is also called chaste berry and helps in stimulating hormones. It does not show negative effect on your health so you can use this female herb at any time in menstrual cycle and stop it if you become a pregnant woman.
  • Red raspberry leaf
    Red raspberry leaf tea is helpful in strengthening the lining of uterine. You should discontinue its usage if you become a childbearing woman.
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