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35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day

35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day

If you are a proud mother to be, it is wise to know all what you can about pregnancy by week as you should be able to handle the difficult times in store for you. Pregnancy symptoms week by week and baby development week by week is very important information as one cannot afford to rush to the hospital at every single alarming change in your body, especially if during pregnancy your body undergoes rapid everyday changes for nine months! Hence, this guide to pregnancy will provide you all the information you could possibly ask for during your thirty fifth week of pregnancy.

Important things You Need to do when 35 weeks Pregnant

If you are 35 weeks pregnant, this is the time when mothers to be start getting anxious regarding their delivery, especially if they are first time moms to be. This is very normal, as the experience is new for them and one fears of what it unknown to them. The best way to solve such a problem is to visit your doctor and discuss in detail regarding every query you have when it comes to child birth. It is important for you and your baby, that you be anxiety and stress free as this can cause damage to

35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day
35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day

both of you. Hence, what you need to do is to rush to your doctor and find every minute detail regarding labor and childbirth so you can plan ahead and know what is coming your way.

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Moreover a very important thing that you should add into your daily routine is Kegel exercise. Such exercises help to strengthen the muscles that will be used during the delivery hence, it is necessary that you exercise on a daily basis. These Kegel exercises ask for you to contract and release your pelvic muscles repeatedly and don’t require any rigorous activity hence such an exercise is best to prepare your pelvic for the due delivery.

Your Body when 35 weeks pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy you will be full blown pregnant and many people would touch your belly, since that is a normal reaction people have around pregnant women. Try to ask them not to touch your belly button as it is extremely sensitive at this moment and you will feel pain if someone touches it. Furthermore, you will have gained at least thirty five pounds up till now and your uterus is around six inches over your belly button, which is the main cause of the sensitivity of your belly button. A few other significant changes you will feel during the thirty fifth week of pregnancy which will sustain till your delivery day includes the following:

  • The baby will turn upside down with its head near your pelvic area as it prepares itself for birth.
  • This will cause your pelvic area to become highly sensitive.
  • Frequent urination will persist as the baby causes pressure on the bladder making you feel thr urge to urinate more often.
  • The baby will also put pressure on the pelvic area causing numbness and a tingling feeling in the area.
  • Lastly, you will feel back pain and pelvic pain during this week, which will also persist till the end of your pregnancy.
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Discomfort levels in this particular week are at the peak and you will feel very irritable since you just want your delivery date

35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day
35 Weeks Pregnant – How to Start Preparing For the Big Day

to come. Many women lose their patience in this particular week so it is best to calm and soothe yourself by going for massages or doing your favorite things that would elevate your mood.

Your Baby in the Thirty Fifth week of Pregnancy

The size of your baby will grow to be almost eighteen inches by now. Most babies go up to nineteen inches but the average height of the baby is around eighteen to nineteen inches. The baby will fidget around more often and the mother to be will feel these kicks with more intensity now, as the delivery date approaches. The fat will continue to deposit in this week as well and your baby will continue to become more and more plum, if you keep a proper check on your food intake.

Moreover, the baby’s ears are fully developed by this time and the baby can hear you talk. So try to communicate with him/her so that you develop familiarity with your baby even before the arrival. Furthermore the kidneys are fully developed and functional as well and the baby produces waste by itself. Also the amniotic fluid and sac begin to decrease and will eventually fade away by the time of delivery. The lungs which were still undergoing development in the previous week will now become fully matured. By this time, ninety nine percent of the babies that are delivered come out to be healthy and survive.

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