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34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week

34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week

The Doctoral Trips in the thirty fourth week of Pregnancy

This particular article will provide you with all the information you need requiring the thirty fourth week of pregnancy. If you are 34 weeks pregnant you should know by this time that most doctors will start preparing their patients for labor. Most women do not finish the entire forty weeks of pregnancy while others go way beyond the normal forty weeks, hence making every pregnancy different.

Doctors have to individually cater to individual requirements and prepare the mother to be for labor. Furthermore, the doctor runs tests on a regular basis to make sure everything with the pregnancy and labor is perfect. At this point one of the most important tests that are conducted by all doctors is the Strep test. This Strep test is conducted to detect the presence of the GBS virus which is a form of bacteria that hides in the intestines. Such as infection is highly dangerous especially to the baby if you are pregnant. The disease not only causes womb and bladder infections but it a major reason for still births.

What the Mother to be Experiences when 34 weeks pregnant

Guide to pregnancy symptoms week by week suggests that women may be relieved of some discomforts while other will rise. A few of the bodily changes that the mother to be will experience in this particular week of pregnancy are as follows:

  • There is reduced pressure on your lungs and chest area. This is because the baby now almost fully developed will not move closer to the pelvic area. Since it moves away from the centre of the belly, the mother to be will feel relief in the
    34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week
    34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week
    upper body area.
  • Your belly button will appear to be on the outer side rather than being on the inside. This is due to the massive pressure that is being placed on your belly button. Sensitivity to the belly button will also increase if you are thirty-four weeks pregnant.
  • Heartburn is most likely to increase as the acidity level in your stomach increases as the baby fidgets and kicks around.
  • Your hands, arms, feet, legs and ankles will feel bloated and swollen. This is due to increased water retention by your body.
  • Pregnant women in their thirty fourth week of pregnancy might suffer from a condition known as Preeclampsia. This is a condition in which the urine shows elevated amounts of protein. These attacks can be due to hypertension being experience by the mother to be. Symptoms for this disease include nausea, dizziness, elevated blood pressure, headaches, abdominal pain, difficult urinating and rapid weight gain. If you experience such symptoms rush to the doctor, since if you are experiencing this, the only way to get rid of it is to deliver the baby.
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How is Your Baby Doing when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

The baby development week by week guide suggests that your baby will be almost seventeen inches long and weighing around five and a half pounds. Also almost all of your baby’s organs will have fully matured by now. The only organ that is still developing is the lungs. The facial features of the baby are now completely in shape and one can get a clear look at the baby’s face in this week by getting a 4D ultrasound. Moreover, in the ultrasound you will also see that your baby seems to be rounder and more plum. This is due to the increased fat accumulation in the baby’s skin as the baby is preparing to come into

34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week
34 weeks Pregnant – How to Survive in this Difficult Week
the world and deal with the external environment. You will also feel that at this point in time series of hiccups remain persistent. This is very normal as the baby is still learning how to swallow and breathe.

A few tips to get your through the thirty fourth week of pregnancy

Pregnancy by week guide suggests you can indulge in the following activities as they will provide you with relief from the many discomforts that come along in this week. So a few tips to ease your pain and discomfort include:

  • Eating smaller meals, five to six times a day rather than have two or three large meals as they are a prime reason for heartburn.
  • Wear light, loose and comfortable clothes, since you are bound to enlarge more and more in size, it is essential that you refrain from wearing tight clothes.
  • Furthermore you should try out professional pregnancy massages as they can really help in easing the pain. Try to go for a trusted professional as your body is at a fragile state right now.
  • In this week it will become difficult to move around even more, but try to walk around at least one throughout the day.
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