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27 Weeks Pregnant – Contractions, Labor and Fears

27 Weeks Pregnant - Contractions, Labor and Fears

Consequences of the grown uterus

For a 27th week pregnant, your baby would then weigh about 2 pounds. It would be like the head of the cauliflower and just about 14 and a half inches long with the legs extended. The baby would then be sleeping and waking into regular intervals, closing and opening the eyes and so sucking his or her fingers. For week by week pregnancy, the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy would have the brain tissues continuously developing, yet being active by this time. Though the lungs are not fully formed, yet they start functioning with most of the medical assistance, if your baby would be born at this time.

Increasing kidney activity


You could also chalk up any sort of rhythmic movements that you might have been feeling to some sort of hiccups, which could be a bit common, these days. Usually, every episode would last for few moments and doesn’t really bother the baby, so you should only calm down and please yourself about the tickle.

Moreover, the subsequent trimester would be drawing into close, yet your body will simply hear up for the ultimate lap. Your pregnancy by 27th week, you could start seeing some of the newest symptoms. Together with the aching back, for instance, you could simply find that there are muscles cramps on your aching leg. You will be carrying additional weight and your escalating uterus will be placing up pressure into the veins returning the blood commencing your legs into your heart and on the nerves that will lead up from the chest up to your legs. The only thing is that, the cramps would become worse whenever your pregnancy advances. During night time, you may feel leg cramps, yet it may also happen throughout the day. Whenever the cramp strikes, you can simply stretch your calf muscle to get more relief. You should flatten your leg and bend your toes gently towards the shin. You can also walk for some time or massage your calf to help yourself out.

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With the baby development week by week, your fears, most especially in terms of delivery, failure as parent, the changes on your lives as well as relationships, finances, pain and more are somewhat common. Talking about these could help; writing

27 Weeks Pregnant - Contractions, Labor and Fears
27 Weeks Pregnant – Contractions, Labor and Fears

them on your journal could assist you too. However, sharing them with your partner could simply help you both whenever you work together all through these times.

Since your baby bump continuously expands, you would simply experience growing pains. Your skin will start to get itchy, as it stretches. Your meals maybe a bit smaller, yet you definitely want to eat more, yet your stomach only have lesser room for more food. You may feel a bit of indigestion and heartburn, since your stomach will be pushed closer up to your esophagus. Moreover, the added weight of the baby will put up more pressure into your bladder. It only means that you will still be visiting your bathroom a bit more.

Labor and Fear

Are you terrified with the idea of labor? Well, you are not alone. This is for the reason that you maybe thousands of soon to be mother in the whole world thinking about laboring. Maybe, you are also worrying that you would never know you will be going through labor, and that the pain would be intense, or you would be taken into the Caesarean-section. Such concerns are actually normal, yet if you would learn more about what freaks you out, you will feel better with regards to your delivery day.

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Your body prepares for labor

In the 27 week of pregnancy, you will be leading up to the birth of your baby, you may feel some Braxton Hicks contractions in a regular manner. Such false contractions may feel like tightening your abdomen, providing your uterus with slight workout. Whenever you slow down, you have to put up your feet and simply have a glass of water. After then, the contractions you’re feeling will subside. Moreover, there’s a helpful method for you to figure out whether the contractions you feel are false or inducing a labor. You could touch your finger to your nose and simply feel your resistance. After then, you could now put up your finger into your forehead. It may feel a little tighter or little harder. The difference in touch between these two is like, there are real contractions, hard and tight, in which your nose would still be hard, yet it is somewhat squishy, just like the false contraction.

The Braxton Hicks contractions could simply make you more nervous, yet they are normal. You must let your healthcare provider know the frequency of any false labor pains. You should also keep up in mind that when you are closer to your due date, your healthcare provider will then evaluate if you could go through labor as soon as the expected date. Your appointments would then become biweekly and will soon be weekly.

Thinking about those tips could help you determine if you are in labor or not. Guiding yourself will make it a lot easier for you to go on the normal pace of giving birth to a child.

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