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26 weeks pregnant – How Your Body Feel The Experiences

26 weeks pregnant – How Your Body Feel The Experiences

During this week by week pregnancy period, the baby measures about 36 centimeters, and weights almost 800 grams. Moreover, the baby will also start to add fat on the bones, although for the last weeks of pregnancy, this process will be stopped.

The heart of your baby will continue to grow and develop, and it is possible to hear those heartbeats with a simple stethoscope. However, don’t be worried if you can’t do this for the 26 week pregnant period. Besides the fact that the organs are growing in the body, the nervous connections in the ears develop fast, and the baby will react faster to noises. This is an ideal moment to hear relaxing music, and your partner might read stories to ease the state of mind of the child.

The pregnancy by week growing rhythm

The uterus must be placed 7 centimeters from the belly button, and it will continue to grow with almost one centimeter a week. It is possible to gain more than 12 kilograms, and the weight might fluctuate from one day to the other, therefore it is better not to measure your weight every day, as this way, you might think that there is a problem with the baby development week by week.

Changes of your body for the 26 week pregnant

It is possible to have a constant state of discomfort for the 26th week of pregnancy, including pressure and back pains, as the belly grows. During this period some expectant mothers may face troubles with so-called armpit fat accumulation. The cramps in the legs are also common, so you will have to make sure you stretch your legs as often as possible, and you also

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26 weeks pregnant – How Your Body Feel The Experiences
26 weeks pregnant – How Your Body Feel The Experiences

need to choose a healthy diet to maintain the development of the baby. It is not unusual to feel sensations of pains around the ribs or the abdomen, as the child becomes stronger, and he or she starts to move. While those week by week pregnancy symptoms might be annoying and even painful, mothers usually like those feelings.

The pregnancy symptoms week by week might also lead to hypertension, as the blood pressure is small during the twenty-six weeks pregnant, and it easily grows. Be careful to any signs of blood pressure, including excessive swallowing of the hands and face. There are also the sudden weight gain that appears once every two days, and you should ask the specialist about all those signs, in order to monitor the weight and the tension for every visit to the doctor.

Some women might have problems with some glands before or after giving birth. A problem of this kind might harm the baby; therefore it is important to talk with the specialist if you had problems of this kind before.

The thyroid gland secretes hormones, and this helps the body to control the metabolism. There are two types of diseases associated with this gland: hyper active and hypo active gland. The women that suffer from hyper activity present a higher risk to give birth to a dead baby, with a small weight or with other complications. The treatment includes synthetic hormones, with some substances that are considered safe for the baby.

The hypo thyroid is a post natal problem that is characterized by a non functional or inflamed thyroid. At the beginning, for the first 4 months of pregnancy, the symptoms are the same as those of hyper thyroid. a few of those pregnancy by week symptoms are:

  • Lack of air;
  • Panic;
  • nervousness;
  • the woman might only be able to eliminate this problem after giving birth.
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The baby development week by week for the 26 week pregnant

If you have a boy, the testicles will start to go down, entering the scrotal bag. The eyebrows are completely formed, and the hair on the head of the baby is a little longer. During the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy, the organs are almost completely formed, so the baby has all the functions of a human being.

During this period, the arterial tension might grow a little, but it will come back to the normal values once the pregnancy is over. You might also consult with the doctor often, to determine if you are in danger of a premature birth.

You might also suffer from some altering symptoms such as: edemas of the hands and of the face, sudden weight changes, headaches, and also pains at the level of the abdomen. By checking the arterial pressure, you might detect some problems, and if you feel that something is wrong with your body, you should call the doctor as soon as possible. If your back starts to become painful, you must determine if the birth hormones are to blame. A hot bath, and cold towels placed on the painful areas might ease the pains.

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