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22 weeks pregnant – Knowing What To Do?

22 weeks pregnant – Knowing What To Do?

The week by week pregnancy symptoms for this period are important, and the twenty-second week is a true stepping stone of pregnancy. The pregnancy symptoms week by week are diverse, and the child weights about 600 grams, and has about 30 centimeters. The baby continues to grow second by second, and the changes can be observed not only by the mother, but also by people around her. The organs are now fully developed, and the 22 weeks pregnant period is a consolidation period for the organs of the child, marking the complete development of all the reproductive and digestive functions. From now on, those organs will only grow in dimensions, consolidating those functions, so the pregnancy by week of the mother, associated with those growing periods of the child might disappear.

Baby development during the 22 week of pregnancy

Until this moment, the baby development week by week marked a complete development of eyebrows, and the child might

22 weeks pregnant – Knowing What To Do?
22 weeks pregnant – Knowing What To Do?

have nails for the 22 week of pregnancy. Some of the children don’t have nails even when they are born, while others would need their nails cut immediately after birth. However, you should not be alarmed by this, even if your child doesn’t have any nails.

The organs of the child are fully developed, each one of them doing its functions, some of them in an incipient phase, while others are working completely. For the 22 weeks pregnant period the unique characteristics of the child such as:

  • the shape of face;
  • fingerprints;
  • the dimensions of the lips are fully developed.
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The rhythm of growing during this week by week pregnancy stage is fast, and now your urethra should be placed with two centimeters over the belly button. The abdomen is not big enough to represent an obstacle for moving around the house, but some women might feel some pregnancy symptoms week by week that will not allow them to move so much. It is important not to force your body. If you can move, than move, if not, just relax, as the twenty-second week pregnant is different from one woman to the other.

Mother’s body changes for the 22 weeks pregnant

As the abdomen continues to grow, it is possible for the pregnancy by week symptoms to be wrinkles. For some women, those stretch marks might even appear earlier, depending on the baby development week by week, and a small number of lucky women might not have them at all. The lotions and creams would not help you to eliminate those marks, but they will keep the skin soft and stretched, helping you to eliminate at least the itches that are so common for the 22nd week pregnant period. In addition, for this period, you will observe the belly button coming out of its place, but you should not worry, as it will come back to its initial position after birth.

Although the 22 week pregnant period might have so many negative effects, it is also associated with many positive effects on your aspect: many pregnant women have a shiny and attractive skin, a hair with an increased volume. Unfortunately, the week by week pregnancy might not have the same effects on all women, and some might suffer from opposite effects, such as acne, but those pregnancy symptoms week by week will also disappear after birth.

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The pain in the downside of the back is common starting with this week. The causes are diverse, such as the expanding urethra, changes and fluctuations of the weight, and hormonal disequilibrium that might lead to sudden and unexpected mood changes. Try to hold a pillow between your legs for the night. Some women feel that a supplementary pillow will help them to sleep better. If you have the tendency to wake up often during the night, make sure you have water at your disposal, and easy access to the bathroom.

Pleasant aspects of pregnancy

The twenty-two weeks of pregnancy period finds a woman that is aware about her beauty, and even if the depression might appear now and then, the woman must be aware about her beauty, and about the qualities that she has. The family must be supportive, and even the husband could take the wife to those courses and classes. He might even benefit of those, and you can see many men staying around their wives and actually enjoying the advices of the instructor. Even if your husband is bored of those classes, you will have to explain to him how important his presence is.

There are even classes for men in matters of pregnancy, as the husband has his responsibilities. Those classes would teach them how to take care of the baby, and what are the actions needed to create a nice family atmosphere. Especially husbands that have pregnant wives confronted with the pregnancy depression might think about those classes as the perfect method to understand why their women behave like that and what they can do to help them.

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