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16 weeks pregnant – New Advises And Symptoms

16 weeks pregnant - New Advices And Symptoms

The 16th week by week pregnancy symptoms resemble with the symptoms of the previous week, with some small modifications. During the 16 week pregnant, the baby has about 12 centimeters and a weight of 100 grams. The rhythm of growing is alert, and the child is in a preparing stage for the next weeks. Until the 16th week of pregnancy, the child will manage to keep his or hers head straight, and the ears will finally be positioned in their position. For this moment, the umbilical chord is attached to the belly of the child, offering the needed nutrients for good developing. One of the pregnancy symptoms week by week is the fact that the legs of the child will start to grow more than the arms.

Changes of woman’s body for the 16 week pregnant

Theoretically, you will not have a visible waist during this week, but you should not worry, as it will come back to decent sizes after a while. The woman looks more and more…pregnant, and it is time to think about buying some nice clothes, although you might not be big enough to fit in those. The pregnancy by week clothes must be chosen carefully, your doctor must

16 weeks pregnant - New Advices And Symptoms
16 weeks pregnant – New Advices And Symptoms

predict the weight you will have during the next months, and to determine what kind of clothes will be mostly suited for your sizes and weight.

The baby development week by week marks some changes for the woman also, during the 16 week pregnant, as you will start to feel the baby moving, and many women claim that they have started to feel butterflies in the stomach, but this time we are not talking about being in love. At the beginning, you might confuse them with gases, but after a while, the woman would start to make a difference between the different sensations.

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Progresses made during this week

The sixteenth week pregnant to the 18th week is the best period to determine the progresses you have made during the week by week pregnancy progresses you have made with the help of the alpha proteins test (AFP). The proteins that have their origins in urine can be found in the amniotic liquid. With a simple blood test, the doctor can establish if you have fat problems, as this is showed by a high level of AFP. Those pregnancy symptoms week by week might create increased risks of lesions of the spine, and an abnormal test means that there is something wrong with the fats level. An abnormal test during the 16 week pregnant does not mean that you suffer from a severe problem, but you should make supplementary investigations, therefore the doctor will recommend you another test, and an ultra sound scanning to confirm the diagnose.

Pregnancy by week advices

The genetic tests are often recommended for the future mothers that are aged over 35. This is not such a great age to make a child, but with some care, you can get it over successfully. Unfortunately, because of our modern world in which women place career and money on the first place, it is a common thing for women to have children at ages of 35 or more. The good

16 weeks pregnant - New Advices And Symptoms
16 weeks pregnant – New Advices And Symptoms

news is that the baby development week by week could be the same for a woman of this age. However, at this age, the fertility might be affected and it will take a while for the woman to become pregnant. However, the true risks are the possible hypertension problems that might appear after the 16 week pregnant, and especially if the woman uses artificial insemination, there is a risk of this kind. If you want to have a healthy pregnancy, you will have to follow one of the ext advices.

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Make sure you get enough counseling before and after remaining pregnant, and make sure you don’t have any diseases that might create complication for pregnancy. For a woman of that age, the 16 week pregnant announces the success of pregnancy, and if the woman was able to carry a healthy pregnancy since now, there are only small chances for the process not to be successful.

The Week by week pregnancy symptoms can be eased with the pre and post natal supplements, and the folic acid is mandatory, especially because the body is not able to create this substance by itself in sufficient quantities after a certain age. The pregnancy symptoms week by week also depend on your diet, and the doctor is responsible for creating an effective program. Of course, by the 16 week pregnant you should have already renounced coffee and alcohol, but most importantly, smoking, as those would not harm only your body, but also the whole capacity of the child to develop. Don’t take this problem lightly, as the child could develop malformations and other major problems.

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