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What causes frequent urination in pregnancy

What causes frequent urination in pregnancy

Outlook regarding frequent urge to urinate

Being aware of pregnant mother’s discomforts during pregnancy allows them to acquire information on how it occurs and prevented it. In addition, early monitoring of certain conditions can help them reduce the manifestation. A pregnant mother may not mention her concerns related to frequent urination during pregnancy unless she is specifically asked because she is not aware of the significance of her problems or she is reluctant to take up a lot of time during a prenatal visit. Encouraging the pregnant mother to discuss whatever concerns she has at her visits including frequent urination in pregnancy. Although some issues may represent minor common discomforts associated with normal pregnancy, others may be early indicators of potential problems. For example, a problem such as frequent

What causes frequent urination in pregnancy
What causes frequent urination in pregnancy

urination during pregnancy which the patient may consider as minor discomfort may result in dehydration that can become serious problem if left to progress through the pregnancy.

The occurrence of urinary frequency

On the other hand, a pregnant woman may see the discomfort of pregnancy as deterrents to good health. The minor discomforts such as excessive urination during pregnancy may not seem minor to the patient, especially if they occur daily and make her wonder if she will ever feel like herself again. They need to acquire empathy and sound advice for relieving these discomforts especially excessive urination and help promote the overall health and well-being of the pregnant women. The occurrence of this manifestation is normally part of the pregnancy but it must be treated with alternatives such as drinking sufficient water. Once a pregnant women suffers from excessive urination without replacement of fluid can lead to dehydration. This will also affect the health condition of the unborn baby.

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The causes of frequent urination during pregnancy

One of the common causes of frequent urination in women during pregnancy is the growing fetus. As the baby grows inside the uterus, the uterus also expands to give room for the developing baby. Once the uterus expands, the nearby organ such as urinary bladder is compressed. A compressed urinary bladder can stimulate frequent urination in women during pregnancy. This can occur even if the bladder is not full. This will stimulate the brain to elicit urination. Another cause of frequent urination in women is the weather. Mostly, the pregnant woman is well-stimulated to urinate if it is cold-weather. In other words, most pregnant women suffer from frequent urination at night and during the cold season.

The pressure of the enlarging uterus on the bladder which usually occurs during the first few weeks of pregnancy disappeared until 12th week. This is because the uterus rises into the abdominal cavity. However, during the third trimester, the uterus falls down again and it compresses the bladder for the second time which causes frequent urination at night or day in the later part of gestation.

Appropriate interventions to relieve urinating frequently

Since this manifestation occurs normally during pregnancy, women are advised to void as necessary. They need to address the call of nature because if they failed to urinate, the tendency to acquire urinary stasis is very significant. Most doctors will advise the pregnant mother to avoid caffeine. Caffeine is considered as a potent diuretic that can stimulate the brain to initiate urination. This affects the specific hormone which is responsible for urination to actively influence the central nervous system. The pregnant mother who has frequent urination at night is advised to perform Kegel exercises. Health teaching for pregnant mother can help them relieve this common pregnancy discomfort. Below are the tips and recommendation for pregnant mother regarding the measures on how to relieve urinary urgency:

  • Suggest to the pregnant mother to decrease her fluid intake in the evening to minimize frequent urination at night (nocturia);
  • Encourage her to limit the intake of caffeinated beverages;
  • Reinforce the need to promptly respond to the urge to void in order to prevent bladder distention and urinary stasis;
  • Teach her to perform proper Kegel exercises;
  • Teach her about the signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection and instruct her to promptly report any she experiences.
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Urinary urgency occurs in early pregnancy that may last for about 3 months and disappears in mid-pregnancy period. It commonly returns again in the later stage of pregnancy as the fetal head presses against the bladder. If a patient reports frequent urination during prenatal period, ask her if she has experience burning or pain on urination or if she has noticed blood in her urine – both signs of urinary tract infection (UTI). After infection is ruled out, focus on teaching the pregnant mother about the ways to alleviate discomfort. This process will help the pregnant mother to easily adjust with the changes in her body as the pregnancy progresses.


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