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Smoking And pregnancy Health Risk

Smoking and pregnancy health risk

A Closer look to smoking and pregnancy

Being pregnant is considered as the most powerful and the best way to quit smoking. Probably it is because of the risk that unborn child can get from the debilitating dangers of smoking. However, the decision still depends to the mother whether she will quit or not. A mother who is smoking is not aware of the risk that they can get from it. Either way, they need health education pertaining to possible death threats to them because pregnancy state is a very delicate condition wherein the health condition of the baby depends on the mother.

What is cigarette smoking?

Cigarette smoking is a very addictive activity that allows a person to use cigarette that contains nicotine. The effect of nicotine to our body system can cause various complications. Nicotine can either stimulate the nervous system or shut it down. This depends on the amount of nicotine ingested to the body. As for circulation, the nicotine passes through our blood via the pulmonary exchange of gases. Once the nicotine is inside the blood, the heart pumps the blood and provides blood

Smoking and pregnancy health risk
Smoking and pregnancy health risk

supply to all parts of the body. Nicotine causes vasoconstriction that can increase the blood pressure causing hypertension. If the nicotine reaches the brain, it starts to accumulate and may have the tendency to block off the small vessels in the brain causing poor oxygen and blood supply that can lead to stroke. This reason serves as the ultimate answer for why smoking is bad.

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The effects of smoking during pregnancy

If you are found to be pregnant, then you should stop smoking or avoid going to place where there are many people who are smoking. The effects of smoking to your unborn child include a stunted growth and development. If you are smoking during the first trimester (organogenesis stage); the period where the organs and system of the baby as developing will be affected. There is 50 – 80% chance of having a congenital defect to your unborn child. It can also affect the physical growth of the baby causing lower birth weight. The normal birth weight ranges from 2500 ml to 3000 ml, if the baby is born with lower weight, they might have a tendency to suffer from body wasting which can be very dangerous. You can compare few normal weight values with abnormal values using pregnancy weight gain calculator by week.

The effect of smoking to health of the mother

There are various reasons to quit smoking that does not only involve your unborn child but your health as a mother too.

Pregnant mother must be healthy enough to sustain the health condition of her unborn child. A mother who is smoking or

Smoking and pregnancy health risk
Smoking and pregnancy health risk

exposed to second-hand smoking increases their risk to various maternal complications. Abortion is one of the dangerous risks of mother who are smoking or exposed to smoking. They are also at risk of having blood-related problems such as abruption placenta and placenta previa (both maternal conditions causes bleeding). These maternal conditions are considered fatal and serve as one of the most common cause of maternal death.

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You should also know that smoking may lead to rapid heart attack symptom and supraventricular tachycardia. You may read a lot of useful information about this desease and its direct correlation with a trouble conceiving in our articles.

Mothers can suffer from asthma too. Their lungs are being occupied by nicotine causing bronchoconstriction. The bronchus which serves as the pathway of oxygen is being restricted and sometimes blocked by the accumulated nicotine. The worst part is, nicotine can also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).

Various stop-smoking tips

There are many ways on how to stop smoking. Some of which are considered natural and pharmaceutical. However, since you are pregnant you should settle with natural ways on how to quit smoking. The following points are natural means of

Smoking and pregnancy health risk
Smoking and pregnancy health risk

quitting smoke:

  • Exercise Regularly
    Exercising helps you to get rid of toxins from your body. As you perspire, the toxins inside your skin are being eliminated. You can also improve your blood circulation. However, since you are pregnant you need to perform light exercises that will not affect your condition. Brisk walking is enough to help you with it.
  • Change your diet
    Sometimes changing your selection of food can also help you quit smoking. Just make sure when you change your diet, you know the effect of the food you are eating on your health and the baby. You should consult a nutritionist to identify healthy foods. Also, you could use a free calorie calculator to estimate your daily intake.
  • Keep your hand busy
    We all know that when you smoke you need a hand to hold a cigarette. It sounds crazy but it is. This activity helps you to avoid smoking too. It is very effective, try writing or cooking something. Just make sure that your hand is free from cigarettes.
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These are healthy tips that can help you to stop smoking. The moment you find out that you are pregnant then better to quit smoking now. Think of the future for your baby. I’m sure you don’t want to destroy it just because of your smoking activity. It is not good to have a child who has a congenital defect. Otherwise, you have to quit smoking today.

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