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How To Choose A Personal Lubricant

How to choose a personal lubricant

You don’t need to change your sexual habits during pregnancy, unless the medic recommends this. The sexual contact and the orgasm while being pregnant is not harmful for the fetus, excepting the cases where a medical affection is present. The child is protected in the urethra by the amniotic liquid, therefore the sperm can’t reach him. Moreover, even if the woman suffers from vaginal dryness, a personal lubricant might solve the problem.

Sexual life during pregnancy

As the pregnant woman begins to feel the changes of the organism after remaining pregnant, the sexual life must not end, although some measurements must be taken. The majority of women suffer from vaginal dryness, therefore they must read personal lubricant reviews to find the best personal lubricant. Even if it seems like a simple task, choosing this substance is hard. The majority of them are made of chemical substances that would kill the spermatozoids. Therefore, a

How to choose a personal lubricant
How to choose a personal lubricant

special lubricant that protects the sperm must be used. The role of personal lubricants is not only to increase the pleasure of the sexual life, but also to protect the vagina from dryness. In any case, the sexual contact must not produce pain. Many women consider pain as being normal during pregnancy, even during intercourse, therefore they would have sex just to please their partners. With the help of a natural personal lubricant, the woman can feel the same pleasure as before, and this is the role of this substance.

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The organic personal lubricant

As said before, the cheap lubricants are made with chemical substances that might affect the different organs of the reproductive system, both for women and men. The fact that the spermatozoids are killed by this substance might be irrelevant as long as the woman is pregnant, but before conceiving, it is important to find a good personal lubricant recipe that will preserve the sperm. Usually, the water based lubricant is a natural solution.

Are there any differences in lubricants for intercourse?

The doctor might recommend you several types of lubricants, depending on the problem you might have. If you suffer from vaginal dryness and you only want to have sex like you used to have before the pregnancy, that the silicone personal lubricant might be a good idea. However, in the case you have suffered from this condition in the past, and you want to eliminate it completely, the sperm friendly lubricant might not be such a great idea. Besides the personal lube, the woman might need other solutions, and even if the boyfriend or husband might not be so happy about it, sex might be forbidden while the pregnant woman takes her treatment, as the sperm might interfere with the action of the personal lubricant.

What should you look for in the personal lubricant reviews?

Even the best personal lubricant might not be effective in case there is a lack of communication between the partners. Natural lubrication is a process given by the chemical reactions of the brain given by mutual attraction. In other words, the vaginal dryness might be a result of tensions between the partners, and even if the personal lubricants might solve this problem for a while, the partners might solve their problems only by exposing them and talking about solutions. In this case, the natural personal lubricant might not be the most effective solution for this problem.

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Sex during pregnancy: what organic personal lubricant must be used?

Even if sexual intercourse is not forbidden during pregnancy, the couple must make some changes. It is not recommended to try the complicated and exciting positions that you used to use before, as this might affect the position of the fetus. It is also about the interest of the woman. While some woman feels an increased appetite for sex, others might lack this appetite completely, therefore the personal lubricant recipe is only a temporary solution. As a man, if your wife or spouse asks for a personal lubricant, you must understand that there is a problem, therefore you should not leave it as it is. Talk with your wife and find out if there is a physical reason for vaginal dryness or your wife simply doesn’t want to have sex, as in this case, the problems must be put on the table and discussed.

Best personal lubricant and the recommendations of the doctor

The personal lubricants can be found without a prescription in the majority of drugstores, but you should also consult a doctor before buying such products. The natural personal lubricant might be required in some cases, especially before conceiving, therefore the doctor must recommend you this organic personal lubricant. Don’t take this decision by yourself, as the substances from the personal lubricant recipe might affect your capacity to have children for a long period, or even permanently.

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