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Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy

Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy

A closer look at pregnancy weight gain

There are times that when a woman becomes pregnant, she should expect some gradual changes in her weight. This is because her baby inside the womb is growing rapidly. From zygote going to fetus into a formed baby with complete organs is the main reason for these weight changes. However, aside from the growing baby in the womb of a pregnant mother, there

Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy
Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy

are other structures and components that are also bearing weight during pregnancy. To be precise a weight gain during pregnancy may only varies between 25 and 35 lbs. If in case that you did not meet or exceed the average limit of weight for pregnant mother, then you need to consider having a consultation with your doctor.

The overweight pregnant mother

If a pregnant mother doubles up her weight gain during pregnancy based from the average weight of pregnancy, then she should be suffering from overweight. Excessive pregnancy weight gain is due to glucose demand from the developing baby. Eating too much sweets and processed goods can increase your chance for having increase weight gain. A pregnant mother who gains more than 50 lbs for the eight months pregnancy period and still has one more month to go is considered as overweight. Most of the overweight pregnant mother has gestational diabetes. It is best for them to monitor their blood sugar level.

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The complications behind overweight pregnant mother

If a pregnant mother fails to maintain a normal weight gain during pregnancy which leads to overweight may suffer from the following maternal and fetal problems.

  • Large for gestational age (LGA)
    This case is more common to pregnant mother with gestational diabetes. The caloric intake of the fetus is beyond normal. This can lead to increase weight of the baby. It can cause further complications during labor and delivery of the baby.
  • Cephalo-pelvic disproportion
    The presenting part of the fetus from an overweight mother may exceed the exact size of the maternal pelvis. This is due to abnormal increase weight of the baby. If in case that this situation occurs prior to the delivery of the baby, the pregnant mother is subjected to undergo cesarean section.

    Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy
    Abnormal weight gain during pregnancy
  • Additional discomfort during labor and delivery
    If a pregnant mother goes beyond the average weight gain during pregnancy she is more likely to suffer from various discomforts during the labor and delivery period. She will bear the baby with a much intense effort compare to the normal delivery. In turn, she might lose enough power and strength to bear down.


The underweight pregnant mother

A pregnant mother who occasionally eats foods regularly may suffer from underweight. This is common to pregnant mother who have eating pattern disturbances such as anorexia. It can also occur to pregnant woman who have emotional problems and she is not prepared for the upcoming changes in her life that may lead to eating disturbances. If the weight of the mother did not meet the criteria for normal weight using the pregnancy weight gain calculator she is advised to see her doctor for more reinforcements as well as with psychologist if mental or emotional aspect is altered.

The complications of underweight pregnant mother

A pregnant mother who fails to maintain normal weight gain can suffer from serious complications during pregnancy period. The following maternal-fetal conditions are more likely to occur for underweight pregnant mother.

  • Small for gestational age
    The caloric intake of the baby depends on the eating pattern of the mother. If the pregnant mother eats food on small basis, the nutritional percentage going to the development of the baby is less. This scenario can lead to low birth weight.
  • Stillbirth
    Since the nutrients needed for the development of the baby is not sufficient, stillbirth can occur. It is very dangerous and death is not impossible if the pregnant mother is underweight. It is highly recommended for them to monitor their weight using pregnancy weight gain calculator by weekly basis. This is to limit the potential of this condition to occur.
  • Preterm Birth
    The same rationale applied to this condition. The caloric intake of the baby is very essential for the physical growth and organ development. If in case that the pregnant mother is underweight, she may have an increase chance of having preterm birth. Preterm birth refers to the birth between 25th to 37th weeks of gestation.


The conclusion for abnormal pregnancy weight gain

It is very important for the pregnant mother to monitor their weight gain during pregnancy period. This can serve as their basis of having a lookout to their weight. Overweight or underweight are considered abnormal weight process that can cause serious problem during pregnancy, labor and delivery of the baby. It is best for them to have regular maternal checkup to their doctor and consider a support system from the significant others if the cause of weight problems is emotional or psychological related factors.

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