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Safe Skin Care During Pregnancy

Essential point for pregnancy skin care

Safe Skin Care During Pregnancy Several pregnant women are very conscious with their physical appearance. There are physiologic changes which affect their body and skin to look odd compare to their pre-pregnancy state. It is because of the pregnancy hormones which actually stimulates several glands to produce substances that can cause skin changes. This is why most of them are looking for ways on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, prevents acne during pregnancy and other skin conditions.

Most of them may think that the food they eat is the primary cause of these problems. However, it is not the ultimate causative agent that causes these conditions but it is the activity of the hormones that is influenced by the growing baby inside their womb. There are several belli skin care lotions and treatments that are available to for preventing pregnancy acne. The most popular one is the salicylic acid. Moreover, pregnant woman are preoccupied with thoughts of affecting their unborn baby because of the effects of the chemicals found in these lotions. We recommend you to visit and inquire to your doctor about the best possible ways on treating these skin conditions.

Always remember that everything you ingest, apply, or use in contact with your body can also affect the health condition and development of your baby. There are topical substances with harmful components that can be absorbed by the body. This can go into the bloodstream and eventually may affect your growing unborn baby. The stronger products you use, the more it can provide you with harmful effects. Nevertheless, there are safe solutions and acne face wash that are recommended for pregnant women which will not affect your baby.

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The retinoid

It is an anti-aging cream that has powerful active ingredients. The acne during pregnancy is caused by pregnancy hormones which stimulates the skin glands to secrete substances from your face. This solution can prevent you from having wrinkles and it replenish your skin tone. There are retinoid solutions with active ingredient of Vitamin A that promotes cell division. It helps you to acquire skin renewal and prevents collagen to collapse. However, retinoid is one of the belli skin care products which are not recommended for pregnant mothers. Studies show that high dosages of Vitamin A are very fatal for your developing baby. Accutane which is the most effective oral solution to treat acne during pregnancy can cause congenital birth defects. The good news is, topical retinoid which can be used for treating pregnancy acne is considered safe and effective.

The acne products

This solution contains mild acid that is used to treat skin problems. It is also used to treat pimples during pregnancy. There are available belli skin care products, toners, and cleansers that contain this substance. It can go inside your face through the pores and cleans the dead skin cells. The salicylic acid belongs to aspirin group of medicine. Therefore, it helps to minimize redness and swelling.

The beta hydroxyl acid or BHA is a common form of this solution that is applied topically. This can reverse the manifestations of aging process and pregnancy acne. However, oral form of this solution can cause maternal and fetal complications. According to experts, toner with this substance must be applied in very minimal amount to at least one or two times a day.

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During the first trimester, the pregnancy hormone which is estrogen can cause pregnancy-induced acne. That is why most experts are recommending pregnant mother to use safe topical antibiotics or solutions with at least 2% of salicylic acid.

Natural products for safe skin care during pregnancy

Another skin problem that can normally occur during pregnancy is stretch marks. There are solutions and treatments on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. However, this is not safe for pregnant mother. Natural solutions are cheaper, effective, and safe to use instead of pharmaceutical products. Cocoa and Shea butter are natural items that can help you prevent pregnancy stretch marks. By melting these butters, you can apply it over your skin where itchiness usually occurs. Furthermore, you can also try other essential oils and hydrating yourself in order to help you on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Soy is another natural ingredient which is used to other topical creams and lotions. Although it is safe to use but this can intensify the dark spots of the skin. It is not advisable for pregnant women who are more likely to get affected with dark spots such as chloasma and line negra. Using of sunscreen can be beneficiary as well but we prefer you to stay at home during 10 AM until 5PM. You can also use other protective clothes when you go outside.

There is acne treatment during pregnancy which is safe to use. We suggest that you consider asking your dermatologist for advance treatment after the delivery of the baby. If the acne is so severe that remains for few months after the delivery of the baby, you need to visit your doctor for more effective treatment.

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