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How to Prevent Brown Spotting During Pregnancy

How to Prevent Brown Spotting During Pregnancy

How to get rid of dark spots on face during pregnancy?

Dark or brown spots are cause by the active hormonal stimulation which serves as a normal bodily response to pregnancy. It stimulates the skin cells to release melanin which is responsible for skin pigmentation. The more melanin is released, the darker your skin becomes.

It is very uncomfortable for pregnant women to have dark spots on face. Nevertheless, it can also affect the self-esteem of

How to Prevent Brown Spotting During Pregnancy
How to Prevent Brown Spotting During Pregnancy
pregnant women and tries to hide their face as much as possible from other people. It is so unbecoming for pregnant women to have low self-esteem because of brown spotting during pregnancy. It affects their emotional state that can influence their preparedness for pregnancy.

Rejection of pregnancy is possible if the pregnant woman fails to adjust with the bodily changes especially to their skin which is a normal response to the body. This article will help you acquire simple tips on removing dark spots on face.

The home remedies for dark spots on face

One of the most fundamental needs of pregnant women is grooming. Her mind is preoccupied with the way she looks. Aside from the debilitating discomforts that she might suffer during pregnancy, there are skin conditions such as brown spots on face that can add up to her anxiety. We have gathered and listed the various home remedies that help them to prevent brown spots on skin and formation of brown spots on legs.

  • Papaya Products
    Several papaya products are available in the market to help you restore your fair skin. Since you are having brown spotting during pregnancy we recommend you to use natural and fresh papaya instead of artificial or chemical compound papaya solutions.
  • If you have papaya in your fridge, you can slice this up and squeeze out the juice. You can also use blender to easily take the juice from it. Strain the residues until the juice is left.
  • You can add up some strong scents to combat the aroma of papaya. Afterwards, you need to use clean cotton and start dipping it with the solution. Apply this thoroughly to your skin or focus with the affected area. Do this in the morning.
  • Citrus and Vitamin C
    We all know that citrus contains vitamin C. That is why we recommend you to use fresh citrus fruits. It can be very uncomfortable but the juice of citrus fruits has cooling and soothing effect. Squeeze the citrus fruit until you acquire the desirable amount of juice.
  • We advise you to use a spoonful of juice and mix it with other essential oils. Apply this to the brown spots on legs frequently. The vitamin C can hydrate your skin and it also provides lightening effect.
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How to remove dark spots on face?

Aside from these home remedies, you can also use other skin care products to prevent dark spots on your face. Sunscreen is recommended for pregnant women who are fond of going outside. If you want to go out and be exposed to the sun, we advise you to apply an ample amount of sunscreen to your face. You can also use sun protective lotion on your legs. This can prevent the formation of brown spots on legs.

The best dark spot remover for face is lightening creams. However, you need to ask for your doctor by showing the product first before applying. There are products that help you to prevent brown spotting during pregnancy that contain ingredients that are harmful to your unborn baby.

Make sure to check the label of the product before using it. Note that products with high concentrations of retinol A and salicylic acid are not advisable. Most experts will recommend pregnant mothers to use products with at least 2% concentration of salicylic acid. There are no prescribed studies to confirm the absorption process of these substances using topical products to treat brown spots on skin. Just take precautionary measures for the safety of your baby.

Besides, the dark spots on face will disappear in due time. You can let this skin condition subside naturally. Since it is hormonal in nature, this skin condition is less likely to stay for longer period. There are suggestions from doctors to avoid hormonal pills after the delivery because this can also enhance the development of brown spots on skin. If the condition persists even few months after the delivery of the baby, you can now consider visiting your dermatologist for a more advance treatment of brown spots on face.

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If you want to conceive a baby in the future, you need to avoid tanning sessions before pregnancy. Tanning sessions or solutions can darken your skin, and you are most likely to develop brown spots on your face during your pregnancy period. There are laser therapies that help you remove dark spots on your face, but we highly suggest you try this after your pregnancy period.

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