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How to Prevent Aching Legs While Pregnant

Leg muscle cramps during pregnancy

How To Prevent Aching Legs While Pregnant Restlessness is the common description of aching legs while pregnant. It causes discomfort for the pregnant women and serves as the most frequent problems during pregnancy period. There are not prescribed leg pain causes and how it occurs. However, the good news about this is that the manifestation disappears instantly after the delivery of the baby. We all know the pregnant women tried their best to do some helpful activities to relieve and diminish this discomfort.

There are no simple ways that are applicable for every pregnant mother, but we have made researches and found out that these activities can help you to prevent weakness in legs that can lead to serious problem.

  • Stretching and exercises
    These activities will help you to strengthen your leg muscles. Doing workouts everyday by starting with stretching will improve your condition.
  • Drinking plenty of water
    Hydration is very important for this case. Your body needs to be hydrated with sufficient water. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water and increase it when you start engaging with prenatal exercises.
  • Forbid yourself for prolong standing
    Muscles aches in legs can be caused by prolong standing, therefore we advise you to avoid standing on longer period of time. If not possible, you can shift the weight of your body from one leg to another. Otherwise, you need to simultaneously sit, lie, and stand.
  • Meditation
    Yoga is the best form of mediation. This way you will be able to maintain a good and normal physical condition. It helps you to stay focus and prepare for the upcoming labor. It is also the best method of relaxation if you are stressed or anxious.
  • You can perform yoga exercises at night. You should do this before you sleep. It will help you to reduce aching legs.
  • There are books and magazines that can help teach you with proper body mechanics for yoga exercises. This activity is safe for pregnant mothers. Homeopathic remedies are very useful as well. Music therapy can help you to concentrate with this activity. You can also try using aromatherapy during yoga exercises.
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Why do my legs ache?

Aching legs at night normally occurs to about forty percent of the pregnant mother. This will be the worst condition that they wish not to occur during pregnancy. It is very uncomfortable and it limits them from doing their usual activities of daily living. One of the common speculations about the leg pain causes is due to sluggish blood circulation thru the veins. Poor blood flow will make your leg aches during pregnancy from intense pain. The severity of pain depends on the extent of soreness.

We all know that it is normal for pregnant women to encounter different physiological changes. These changes can contribute to various physical or bodily ailments which can cause discomforts. The two most morbid ailments that can affect them is the presence of spider veins and weakness in legs while pregnant. These conditions make is hard for the pregnant mother to bear with the situation. It is due to the hormonal activities which may occur while pregnant. The pregnancy hormones can affect and influence the physiological response of the body. This includes the blood circulation which may have some few resistances.

Aside from aching legs pregnant mothers are most likely to suffer from inflammation of the ankles that can contribute to the formation of spider veins and hemorrhoids during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses the leg aches becomes prominent and intense. This is due to the growing baby inside their womb that compresses the uterus. The weight of uterus can affect the blood circulation by compressing the nearby veins. If the pregnant mother fails to perform prenatal exercises like brisk walking, and standing in longer period of time may intensify the condition.

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If this condition continues for a long period of time, we recommend you to visit your doctor and ask for medical attention. This goes to pregnant mothers with leg aches that forbid them from walking normally or when one of her legs is inflamed and painful.

Significant factors for muscle aches in legs

Pregnant mothers may suffer from muscle redness and tenderness on one of her calf. There are other bodily ailments such as backaches, difficulty of breathing, headache, and chest pain that occurs during pregnancy. The most common factor that is responsible for these debilitating conditions are poor circulation due to embolism or blood clot. Factors like overweight during pregnancy and past history can also contribute to the development of lower leg pain leading to soreness. Pregnant women should engaged with healthy activities by modifying their diet, doing appropriate exercises and living a healthy lifestyle will most likely to prevent them from having leg aches. As much as possible, they need not to cross their legs this can restrict the blood circulation to the lower extremities. We recommend them to elevate their legs while sleeping or resting. This can promote proper venous return of blood flow. By putting extra pillows under their legs will help them to prevent weakness in legs that can lead to leg pain.

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