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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks While Pregnant

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks While Pregnant It feels wonderful to have baby and yet the physiologic changes can be very uncomfortable. We all know that pregnant women are suffering from various skin problems which are related to pregnancy stretch marks. These marks come into different characteristics such as red, pink, or purple lines which appear in your thighs, belly, and hips. These serve as scars of pregnancy which most women need to bear for an extended period of time. There are ways on how to get rid of stretch marks that can help your skin looks good and fair. These stretches are caused by the expanding of your skin to accommodate the growing baby inside your womb. Sadly, there is no prescribed stretch mark removal for pregnant women that can totally diminish it in a short period of time.

In due time these marks fade until it becomes unnoticeable. There are few steps that will help you on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

  • Using a natural product butters and cream made of Shea and Cocoa can be very helpful. Melt a spoonful of these items and melt it. Allowing it to stay warm until it can be tolerated by the skin, rub it like you are applying a moisturizer over your thighs, belly, and hips. You can also apply some of it to other parts of your body where itchiness can occur. There are stretch mark removals which contain Vitamin E and Glycolic acid that help you to prevent dryness and tightness of skin during pregnancy.
  • Control your weight by following the recommended diet for pregnant women. This way, you can stay healthy and help you on how to get rid with stretch marks. The more weight you gain, the more you suffer from intense and prominent stretch marks. As much as possible you need to follow the standards dietary guideline and do regular exercises. Increase your episodes for exercises if you are overweight. This can lessen your chance to have pregnancy stretch marks.
  • Look for prescribed treatment after the delivery of the baby. There is a best stretch mark cream which is available in the store. However, this solution contains strong active ingredient that can be absorbed by your body. It can cause harmful effect to your baby and we don’t want it to happen. There are other treatments such as laser therapy or topical solution like Retin-A which helps you on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Another option is the microdermabrasion therapy which is a technique that is used to get rid of the prominent stretch marks after the delivery of the baby.
  • Let it fade naturally. This is the safest and yet the longest way on how to reduce stretch marks. Give yourself enough time to recover and heal after the pregnancy period. Let your body work out for your stretch marks to fade naturally.
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Proper way of using moisturizer for preventing stretch marks


Using of moisturizer and other best stretch marks cream during pregnancy can help you to reduce the chances of having stretch marks. As the baby grows inside your womb, you stomach grows and the skin stretches. This will create add looking marks that will make you feel conscious and uncomfortable with your appearance. The best way to help you on how to get rid of stretch marks is to apply meticulous skin care.

  • Use moisturizer frequently using an absorbent and thick cream to hydrate your skin. A well-hydrated skin reacts better to your growing belly. It becomes more elastic to accommodate the growing baby inside your womb. You can use moisturizer like Tummy Butter that has active component of alpha hydroxyl-acids. You can also use natural products such as Vitamin E and Cocoa butter that has powerful ingredient to heal the stretch marks.
  • You can use capsule of Vitamin E and open it. Congest the oil from it and place it to your palm. Rube the oil to your skin. This is the most effective stretch mark removal.
  • As much as possible, massage your skin in a gentle manner. Do this regularly. It does not only soothe your unborn baby but it also increases the blood circulation of your skin. It makes your skin more pliable and less stretch marks will appear.
  • Avoid too much eating. Although you are eating not only for yourself but for your baby as well, you need to abide with the recommended dietary plan for pregnant women. It is not wrong to overindulge yourself with foods since you need to nourish yourself to prepare for the upcoming labor and delivery. However, always remember that overeating can increase your weight and this will increase your chance for having stretch marks. Avoid eating foods rich in sugar. This can help you on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Use lemon juice for about two tablespoons and combine it with a half cup of your usual moisturizing cream. Slather the solution to your skin. The lemon juice has a natural whitening effect and helps you by preventing stretch marks.
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