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How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles During Pregnancy

Why do muscles get sore?

How To Get Rid Of Sore Muscles During Pregnancy There are several factors that can cause muscle pain during pregnancy. The most common factor that can contribute to this condition is the weight (overweight). As you know, being overweight, is a really health risk, not only to your heart and major organs but also to your fetus. We suggest you to use The Calorie Calculator to check all these issues.

As the pregnancy progresses the baby develops inside the womb. It adds to the exact weight of the mother which also increases the load to the lower extremities. The muscles from the leg bear the weight and lead to soreness. The discomfort starts when the muscle began to manifest pain as the mother stands for longer period of time.

Muscle tenderness during pregnancy


Every pregnant woman is suffering from sore muscles. This is the main reason why most of them are looking for appropriate means to relive their sore muscles. Despite of the dilemma from taking medications, they end up engaging with other activities that can temporarily reduce the pain which is accompanied by muscle soreness. This section will help you on how to get rid of sore muscles and acquire the most optimal comfort that you can achieve during the pregnancy period.

  • Humid bath
    The most effective and safest method for sore muscle relief is warm bath. Before you take a bath, we recommend you to put some Epson salts or other fancy bath salts. All you need to do is to mix at least two cups of salt in the tub. Wait until the salts dissolved in the warm water. This can soothe the pain and soreness. It can also help you to lessen the inflammation and this is ideal for a very long day of activities. You can also try applying the salts to the affected part to reduce the pain manifestation.
  • The massage therapy
    Another way on how to get rid of sore muscles is to undergo massage therapy. There are prenatal massage that helps you to relive from soreness and pain. This approach improves your flexibility and enhances relaxation. Most of the massages are available to address the condition by paying attention with the deeper tissue. A lighter or mild massage such as Swedish is appropriate for this situation. You can also direct the therapist to pay attention with the affected part. If you don’t have enough time to visit a spa then you can also ask somebody from your family to do massage for you. Using the lotion, oil, or butter can prevent you from suffering with aches and sore muscles. This way, you will feel comfortable.
  • Steam sauna
    This is very effective on how to relieve sore muscles. You can visit spa or health club and ask for sauna sessions. There is equipment such as portable sauna that can be purchased in the department store for your own convenience. Several benefits will be obtained by having sauna sessions. First, your body toxins will be removed through perspiration. This can also help you relieve from pain and soreness. It also reduces the level of stress and fatigability. Lastly, this approach can benefit you because it promotes proper blood circulation in the body. Before you start the session, you need to drink water and hydrate yourself with sufficient fluid. You expect to perspire a lot. The temperature is normally more than 160OF. Sweating is very convenient for your body. You will feel relieved and refreshed after the sauna session. This can also promote good sleeping pattern.
  • The cold compress
    The last approach the can help you on how to get rid of sore muscles is cold compress. You can use any homemade pack and put ice in it. It has cooling effect that can help you relieve from muscle soreness. Just load up the bag or pack with ice and put it directly to your sored muscle. Let it stay for about 40 minutes to 1 hour. This will help lessen the inflammation from your muscle and it temporarily distress the part which can result into pain reduction.
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Preventive tips for delayed onset muscle soreness

There are simple ways on how to prevent the onset of muscle aches. These include sufficient workouts for diet. Protein should remain adjacent to the carbohydrate. We recommend you to stay within the required ratio of intake for protein and carbohydrate which is 2:1. It simply tells you to consume 60 grams of carbohydrate and 30 grams of protein after your exercises. You can also try taking milkshake.

Stretching helps you to prevent sore muscles. Stretching before exercises can help you to prevent the soreness of muscle after workouts. We advise you to do stretching before and after the exercises. You can also do stretching before you sleep and after you wake up in the morning. Warm up exercises is very important before starting your prenatal workouts. This will help you to adjust with the changing level of exercises and it prevents you from muscle soreness after the workout. You can also do cooling down activities after workout to help your muscle adapt with the exercises.

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