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How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face While Pregnant

Reasons of dark spots on face during pregnancy

How to Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Face While Pregnant Most pregnant women are suffering from dark spots on face. It is due to the hyperactivity of melanocytes of skin cells. This article will help you to understand the causes of these skin pigmentations and how to get rid of dark spots on face. There are several types of brown spots on skin. It affects the face, abdomen, and other parts of the body.

The mask of pregnancy or known as chloasma is a very usual skin condition for pregnant woman. As a matter of fact, most of pregnant woman may have this brown spots on face. The mask of pregnancy is termed for pregnant woman with mask-like representation of brown spots on their faces. It is composed of dark splotches that are very unusual for non-pregnant women. This brown spotting during pregnancy which is also known as melisma appears on the cheeks, lips, forehead, and face.

Chloasma: into deep detail


The increasing hormonal activity of the body during pregnancy is the main reason for most women who may have dark spots on face. The heightened hormonal production for pregnant woman can result into increasing production of melanin from the melanocytes. The melanin is a substance that is responsible for the skin pigmentation of hair and skin. The side effect of increasing melanin can develop splotchy pigmentation resulting into brown spots on skin. It also affects the abdomen which is termed as linea negra and melisma or the brown spots on face.

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Traditional view: how to remove dark spots on face

Several pregnant women are not comfortable with brown spotting during pregnancy. They end up thinking of ways on how to get rid of dark spots on face. Unluckily, it is not easy to remove the chloasma and other dark skin pigmentation. However, there are ways to reduce the severity of this skin condition.

There are two main ways for a pregnant women to follow in order for them to get rid the effect of skin darkening. The first one is to take home remedies for dark spots on face by taking vitamin supplements and food rich in folic acid. This substance is very important for the development of the baby. The deficiency of folic acid is reported to have connection with the increasing skin pigmentation that can lead to dark spots on face. Foods such as green leafy vegies, oranges, and whole grains are foods that have high level of folic acid. As for vitamins, pregnant woman should check their daily required vitamin intake for folic acid.

Modern view: how to get rid of dark spots on face

Another method to reduce brown spots on skin is to practice sun precautionary measures. Pregnant women who are exposed to sun can heighten the skin discoloration. They must protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun during the most intense part of each day. Usually, it is highly recommended for them to stay inside the house between 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. Cover their body as much as possible and use sunscreen to help fade dark spots on face.

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The brown spotting during pregnancy eventually fades after they deliver the baby. This is the main reason why most dermatologists do not advise them to use laser, chemicals, and bleach treatments during pregnancy. If the brown spots on face remain even after the delivery and continue to occur after few months then they are recommended to visit their dermatologist. There are various medications and creams that are prescribe for them to improve their skin health.

Some women can see an improvement on their skin condition if they stop using the contraceptives such as estrogen and other birth control pills. These are hormonal pills that influences and stimulates the melanocyte to secrete melanin. There are other options to choose from but the best dark spot remover for face involves natural key component such as eating healthy foods, avoid exposure to sunlight, and hydrating the skin by drinking water.

Consultation from your doctor is always an option. You can do the usual aesthetic therapies for your skin condition after the baby is born. As long as you are pregnant, we forbid you to do these activities. Exposure to chemicals can affect the development of the baby. However, you can also use some concealers on your face. This way you will be able to lessen the darkened part of your face. Otherwise, you need to bear the changing physiologic condition and wait until everything settles and start working on your skin condition.

You need to remember that increasing skin pigmentation during pregnancy is normal. It comes and it goes. However, when everything seems to be upsetting, you need to discuss it with your doctor for more comforting and encouraging tips. This skin condition can affect your esteem which may influence your emotional aspect too.

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