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Effective Relaxation Techniques While Pregnant

Emotional crisis during pregnancy

Effective Relaxation Techniques While Pregnant As the pregnancy progresses and the delivery of the baby are just few days ahead, it is normal for a pregnant woman to encounter a certain amount of stress and pregnancy anxiety. Most pregnant women are thinking of labor. They are preoccupied with the intense situation that can be very painful, difficult and grueling. That is why most pregnant women suffer from a varying level of anxiety during pregnancy. However, there are relaxation techniques that involve the function of various senses to help the pregnant woman to stay focus and preserve energy for the upcoming labor process and delivery of the baby.

Relaxation technique №1 – sense of sight

Many believed that eye serves as the window to the soul. What pregnant women usually see from the outside world can affect their emotional behavior. In order for them to acquire tranquility as part of the relaxation techniques they need to obtain restful sightings. This includes soft lightings like lamps and candles. The appropriate environment can help them reduce the stress and pregnancy anxiety. They can also try looking at the relaxing images such as sceneries. Looking at the baby’s clothes is very effective as well.

Relaxation technique №2 – sense of sound

The music and mellow sounds has the capacity to lure pregnant women to sleep. This is termed as music therapy. It is very effective and it can help them to relax and work with their contractions. The most recommended soothing sounds are bird’s sounds, bubbly brooks, and ocean waves. These sounds can help your wave of contractions and transfer you to another world. It is very effective for depression and pregnancy emotional conflicts as well. There are mellow songs that are very soothing to your ears. Instrumental sounds like violin and piano is advisable. Once you have selected the appropriate music, you can play this all throughout your pregnancy. It prevents you from having stress and pregnancy anxiety.

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Relaxation technique №3 – sense of smell

There are various scents that are very comforting and calming for pregnant women. If you plan to give birth in the birthing clinic or hospital, we advise you to bring something that could resemble the smell of your home. It can be your favorite pillow, t-shirt, and other clothes. As part of the relaxation techniques, we term this approach as aromatherapy. You can also try electric diffuse or essential oils such as rose, jasmine, lavender, and sage. These scents keep fresh air and provide tranquility and soothing environment. You will learn how to practice proper breathing technique as part of the labor process to make it easier for you. The Jasmine and sage is traditionally used during the labor process. This can help the contractions and eases pain in the muscles. The lavender is considered as an analgesic and antiseptic. There are essential oils as well that are proven to be effective for women who suffers from depression and pregnancy mental illnesses.

Relaxation technique №4 – sense of taste

Most of the health care personnel believe that eating nutritious foods rich in vitamin B complex and carbohydrates is very advantageous at the first phase of labor. Moreover, there are people who have different outlooks about this method while on active labor. Since women are preoccupied with labor that causes anxiety and pregnancy dilemma, they are not interested with eating food. However, this can help you acquire sufficient energy and prevents the occurrence of depression and pregnancy anxiety. There are refreshing foods such as sports drinks, fruits, gum or mints can help you freshen up your breath. You need to moisten your mouth before taking these foods. This can influence your state of relaxation.

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Relaxation technique №5 – sense of touch

Pregnant women can enjoy with different kinds of touch. There are pregnant women who prefer to have gentle pressures and others might hate it. There are different forms of massages and reflexology that are very helpful for the pregnant women. Anxiety while pregnant is brought by psychosocial stressors that can easily affect the emotional state of a woman. However, this will not hinder a pregnant woman to enjoy prenatal massages to calm themselves and prepare for the labor process. It is one of the best methods on how to calm down anxiety. However, they should consult their doctors first before trying this activity. Since there are high risk pregnant woman who are not recommended to have massages. The breathing exercise is another method that allows you to relax your pelvic muscle. This can help you to lessen discomfort and focus with the contractions. It can also strengthen your abdominal muscle and to ease in bearing down. But beware of any inappropriate physical activity to don’t get rectus diastasis.

These techniques are considered effective. It is commonly practiced by most pregnant women. It helps them to prevent the occurrence of anxiety and allows them to refocus on the main point, the labor process. Preparing yourself is the main task to do before the process of labor occurs. Most importantly, you need to understand the fundamental measures to ease you with labor and delivery. Activities such as breathing exercises and kegels exercises can be very beneficial.

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