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Use Ultrasound Gender Prediction to Predict your Baby Gender

Ultrasound: The Most Definitive Way for Gender Prediction

Use Ultrasound Gender Prediction to Predict your Baby Gender The common question right after you found out that you are pregnant is “boy or girl?” During the previous decades people are convinced with the traditional practice on how to identify the gender of their baby. Not to mention the moon phases and Chinese calendars but there are alternative options for gender prediction. However, most of these are just purely assumptions and some of which coincides with the outcome. That makes it as part of the presumptive way to predict baby gender. Today the uprising development of technology where loads of diagnostic procedures utilizing equipment are being used to identify the gender of the baby, one of it is the ultrasonography of commonly known as baby ultrasound.

The ultrasound is a diagnostic procedure performed to a pregnant mom who is usually carrying a 20 weeks old baby. Based on the current studies, the gender is prominent if it reaches the point of viability which is 20 weeks old. Since there are times that the sex organ seen in the monitor before this point changes. Therefore it is not practical to have a pregnant mom who is carrying a baby before 20 weeks of gestation.

The girl ultrasound can be identified by the radiologist (a professional expert in conducting ultrasound) with the help of the OB GYNE (specialize doctor in maternal and child health) is able to locate the sexual organ of the unborn child. The vagina which is the external surface of the female sex organ is visible. It is usually predicted earlier than male unborn child. However, there are times that as the baby grow older and the chances of finding a change in the sex organ can lead to a more definitive identification of the gender. This goes with the boy ultrasound. On the other hand, the radiologist and OB GYNE can identify the sex organ of the baby as a boy if the male external genitals are present. Scrotum is prominent as well as with the penis. It is very easy to identify the sexual gender of the unborn child as long as it is viable enough to visualize their organs using the ultrasound.

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Common Preparatory Measures for Ultrasonography

The common preparation for baby ultrasound is by lying still on the bed with legs separated to each other. Assuming the dorsal recumbent position allows the experts to carefully assess the internal milieu of the womb. Usually a KY Jelly is used for the examination. Since the equipment is using a radioactive frequency, it is best for other people who are not involved in the case must not stay inside the room where the examination is being performed.

The professionals involved usually inform the pregnant mom about the health status of the baby. The baby ultrasound also provides information regarding the health condition of the baby. This involves the heartbeat and fetal position. The accuracy of this examination is 100% optimum since then it has been used as a form of diagnostic procedure for all maternal concerns. It also helps the doctor to have a clear picture with the presentation of the unborn baby as well as with the placement of the placenta. The main purpose for the ultrasound is not just only for gender prediction but to identify other maternal condition such as placenta previa or abruption placenta which makes it more practical. Since this can help the client to receive early treatment and medication regarding their diagnosed condition.

The usual concern pertaining to ultrasound is the availability of the machine and the cost or expenses for the exam. There are still isolated areas which do not have access to this type of examination still remains believed with the traditional method of identifying the gender of the baby. If there are available equipment the next problem is the cost. Most of the hospitals and private clinics that provide this kind of service may charge their clients at a very high rate. That includes the professional fee of the radiologist and OB GYNE. Most importantly the information dissemination pertaining to this examination must be strengthen in order for other people who are not aware of it will have a chance to avail for this services that provides a complete and thorough assessment of their unborn baby as well as with the maternal condition. This can also provide them with a 100% chance of identifying the gender of the baby.

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Final Say for Ultrasonography

Finally, it is best for the pregnant mom to plan ahead about the needs of their baby right after they found out the gender of their unborn baby. This is to help them organize the important things once the baby is now ready to live outside the womb of the mother. Emotionally preparedness is a must. This has something to do with the acceptance of new role and responsibilities for taking care of baby.

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