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Selection of Baby Gender by Natural Means

Natural Ways of baby gender predictor

Selection of Baby Gender by Natural Means It is very exciting to have a baby especially if you have been waiting for a very long time. We are eager to select the best name for our baby. However, there is a more pressing question that usually embarks our curiosity. This question pertains to the gender of baby. Most of us are excited about it. Our families as well are having their own baby gender predictor in which they usually based it on their casual practices. This may refer to the traditional norms on identifying the gender of the unborn child. This article talks about the natural ways of gender prediction.

The Chorionic Villus Sampling

This indicative examination is typically done between 8 and 11 weeks of gestation, occasionally as late as 13 weeks. This is commonly an examination for persons who have a high threat of genetic problems. Test results are available within 7 to 14 days. The CVS is considered as a natural means of gender prediction test with the support of scientific and medical explanation. However there is a small chance that the sex they determine is wrong as well.


This diagnostic examination is done as early as 9 weeks of gestation and for diagnostic purposes, at least 18 weeks of gestation. There is a slim chance for miscarriage and very least chance of other complications related to pregnancy such as infection, preterm labor, fetal injury, cord problems, or placenta related disorders, abnormal presentations, rupture of membranes, and others. The tests take about 14 to 28 days to run. There is a slim chance that the identification of the gender of baby is incorrect.

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The danger about this procedure is the chance of pricking the bag of water. It is very crucial since the nutrients and other vital needs of the unborn baby depend on it. If the situation occurs, an emergency cesarean section will be performed and the probability of survival is very minimal. Again, it depends upon the expertise of the doctor who performs amniocentesis. However, despite of its danger the amniocentesis is still considered as a baby gender predictor. Proper medical attention and intervention will be performed in case a complication may arise.


While ultrasound can be done at any phase of pregnancy for the resolve of finding out the gender of baby it is best done between 18 and 26 weeks of gestation. Most care workers will not give an ultrasound examination for the precise resolution of finding out the gender, and the American College of OB/GYNEs has delivered a declaration against routine ultrasound exposure during pregnancy. However, most doctors do not regard this caution. Adequate studies on ultrasound safety have not been completed, but we do know that ultrasound exposure can alteration the way the cell replicates and changes. There have also been revisions representing that ultrasound warmth up the cells. This technique is the most common for discovery out the gender of baby however, it is the least precise. Accuracy depends on numerous factors: baby’s cooperation, age of gestation, ability of the technician and others.

Today, there is more advance equipment that is used for baby prediction in terms of gender. There is 3D, 4D and now 5D ultrasound that is able to provide a clearer picture of the gender of baby. Most of this equipment is all the same but the details of the unborn baby are better than the traditional ultrasound. Same preparations are being done.

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Among these three the most common examination that is performed as baby gender predictor is the ultrasonography. Although the exposure to radioactive frequency which is brought about by the equipment used, there are no more underlying danger and risk. In order for the pregnant mom to prevent the occurrence of these potential risks, they must follow the protocols and advise of their physician. It is one way of protecting themselves as well as the health condition of their unborn baby.

It is very warming to know the gender of your unborn baby but the fact that there are certain factors which makes us disappointed. One of these factors is emotionally preparedness. We need to be emotionally prepared. This could mean that whenever the gender of baby we have to accept it. Setting up a plan ahead of time may gravely disappoint us. Most especially if we are dreaming of different things yet the outcome did not arrive with our plan can be very disappointing. Another factor is financially preparedness. It is very important for us to be financially stable in order for us to support the needs of our baby. Regardless with the gender of baby we should have to prepare the needed things for our baby. It is best to buy things which can be used by both sexes. This can save us from extra time and effort.

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