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Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender

The tales of the elders

Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender Before, we are often ruled by the common beliefs and practices of older people. This includes the traditions and customs as part of the culture. Even predicting the gender of the baby is also included in the beliefs as part of the old wives tales. Today, we prefer to be more modern and trust the benefits of technology in terms of predicting gender of our unborn child. Let us take a look from the different old wives tales about pregnancy gender in order for us to be aware of the culture that had been passing from generation to generation.

The tale of the beats

It is said to believe that a pregnant mother will be able to identify the gender of her baby by just checking the heart rate of her baby. The faster the beats the probability of having a baby girl is high. The lower the beats then assume that you will be having a baby boy. The normal standard for this is at around 140 beats per minute. After checking the fetal heart rate for one full minute then you should base it on the standards. If higher than 140 then it’s a girl, if lower than 140 then it will be a boy.

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The tale of the food craves

Several persons trust that your desires for food are caused by the gender of your unborn baby. So, if you cannot get enough of sweets, then you probably will have a baby girl. However, when your food cravings is directly to eating and drinking sour stuffs then most probably, you will be having a baby boy.

The tale of the face shapes

Particular people may suggest that the form and roundness of your face during gestational period can specify the gender of the baby. This gender prediction method tells that each woman gains mass inversely during pregnancy and each woman may involve in various skin tone changes. If people tell you that because your face is round and rosy then assume that you will bear a baby girl, if not then there is a good chance that you will be having a baby boy.

The tale of the nipples of the last born child

Another old wives tales baby gender is by checking the nipple of the last born child. In other words if you have 5 kids and you are pregnant then check the nipple of the 5th kid; once the nipple of the kid is sunken, then you will have a baby girl but if the nipple of the kid is prominent then it is baby boy.

The tale of the mother’s state

This pregnancy old wives tales talks about a mother who is pregnant may feel different from each other. If the pregnant mother may feel blue or sad this could only mean that she will have a baby girl. Since old people believe those girls are very emotional, then the mother who is emotional while bearing the kid will make it as a baby girl. However, if she feels intense, angry and dominating all the time then this could only mean that in the future she will give way to a baby boy.

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The tale of the mother’s positioning of the baby

This old wives tales on baby gender talks about baby gender predictor wherein the basis of the story pertains to the way the mother carries her pregnancy. If the mother carries the baby at a low phase for several periods of times, then she may have a baby boy. Since people believe that male gains more weight than female. On the other hand, if the mother carries the pregnancy at high phase then this could simply result into a baby girl.

The tale of the morning sickness

The morning sickness is a normal part of the pregnancy period. It usually occurs at the first three months of gestation wherein the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is very prominent at this point. However, based on the beliefs of wives tales about baby gender, the longer the mother feels nauseated and vomiting that could last for several weeks to months then this could be a baby girl. But if she feels nauseated and vomits in a short period of time then she is having a baby boy.

The tale of the hairs

Another wives tales baby gender is the presence of hairs in the legs. A pregnant mother is observed for hairs at the leg area. This is a common practice in the past, wherein the woman can carefully assess the amount and distribution of hairs at the leg area. If the hairs are prominent compare to the usual then she will be having a baby boy. If she maintains the same consistency of hairs at the leg area, then she will give birth to a baby girl.

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The tale of the music

A mother who wanted to have a baby girl must prefer to listen with mellow music. The reason for this is that baby gender wives tales believe that female are tender and soft-hearted. But if you listen to hard music and loud, you are most probably to have a baby boy. This is based on the prediction method used by the old folks.

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