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Exploring Baby Gender Prediction Techniques

Common baby gender predictor techniques

Exploring Baby Gender Prediction Techniques It is without a doubt that having a baby makes the parents curious about the gender of their unborn child. From the time that the mother is diagnosed to carry an unborn child will make them both excited to know the gender of their baby. This article aims to inform the readers who are looking for some common techniques for baby gender predictor whereas most of this does not have a scientific or medical support. The purpose for this technique is just to give the readers an idea about the common speculation that had been practice through times. Even during at this age of technology and convergence there are still believers who remain to follow the traditional techniques in predicting baby gender.

The following are the common techniques for identifying the gender of baby:

Fetal Heart Beat

One of the most definitive sign of pregnancy is the presence of fetal heartbeat. Using a stethoscope or a Doppler, the mother can actually hear the regular beats of her unborn child. Usually the normal fetal heartbeat ranges from 150-160 beats per minute. Based on the traditional beliefs, the faster the heartbeat of the unborn child is a boy, while slower heartbeat is a girl. However, based on the clinical findings an unborn child who has slower heartbeat which is medically known as (Bradycardia) may show that the baby is sleeping or other factors may promote to this condition. (Tachycardia) or rapid heartbeat is may be related to some maternal-fetal condition.

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Fetal Movement

Another definitive sign of pregnancy is the presence of fetal movement. The pregnant mother may usually feel the movement of the baby as early as 16 weeks of gestation. According to folklore, the active the baby in terms of its movement may be assumed as a boy and the other side of the coin may exhibit inactivity as a girl. However, based on the current scientific explanation fetal movement is not a definitive tool to predict baby gender. The movement of the unborn baby is influenced by the maternal condition. It means that the current health state of the mother may affect the baby as well. Therefore it is best for the pregnant mother to have a regular mild exercise and possess healthy lifestyle in order for her to maintain the healthy status of the baby.

Physique of the Mother

Another intriguing technique that is being used by the traditional folklore practices is by observing the appearance of the mother. This has something to do with the physical feature. In order for them to identify the gender of baby the changes in the feature of the mother must be observed. If the pregnant mom looks dull compare to her original state may bear a baby boy but if she looks prettier and happy it is assumed that she might give birth to a baby girl. However, this phenomenon does not have any implications to the scientific findings for gender predictor.

Ring Technique

If you are pregnant then you can practice this primeval Oriental method of doing precise prediction for gender of baby. Ascribe your wedding ring to a part of your hair strand or to a yarn. This is a very easy method for predicting baby gender. When the mother is lying, the ring must be detained over her abdomen. If the ring transfers in the circular motion then it is a baby girl. Nevertheless if it transfers like a swing (to and fro) then it is assumed to be a baby boy. The other way to accomplish this method is by holding the ring over the wrist.

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Chinese Calendar Technique

If you want to identify whether your unborn child will be a boy or a girl then you can practice the baby gender calendar for identifying the gender of baby. You should know the month of conception and age on conception for having an accurate result. For instance, if you are 33 years old and the month of conception is June then your baby is a girl. Chinese lunar calendars are accessible on the internet. You must encode the details and get the result. This method of predicting baby gender is exact if you know the correct month of conception.

Key Test

Another good method to identify the gender of baby is the key technique. This is a baby gender test wherein the pregnant mother is asked to hold the key. If she grabbed the top part, this could mean that she is bearing a baby girl but when she took the bottom part, it will be a baby boy. However if she grab the middle part of the key, this may mean that she has is having twin unborn babies. This method is commonly practiced and very popular in the older generations.

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