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Baby Gender Quiz to Find your Baby Gender

Baby Gender Quiz to Find your Baby Gender Right after you found out that you are pregnant, you are eager to know the gender of your baby. It really fascinates us to know that what we have been dreaming of may turn into reality. However, due to our excitement sometimes we tend to research more about the possible ways on how to identify the gender of baby. Until we stumble to a certain method such as boy or girl quiz wherein it is a set of questions that can be used as a girl or boy predictor technique. This article focuses on the quizzes that are related to the selection or choice of gender for your future baby.

A Closer Look at the Quiz

Take our baby gender quiz based on old folks tales to discover out if you are having a baby boy or a baby girl. This pregnancy gender quiz can be exciting and fascinating way for you to tell if you are having a male or female baby.

  • Question #1. How do you carry your baby?
  • Question #2. What is the exact fetal heart rate of your baby in one full minute?
    Over 140 beats per minute
    Under 140 beats per minute
  • Question #3. What foods do you to crave to eat?
    Spicy and salty foods
  • Question #4. How often do you suffer from morning sickness?
  • Question #5. What does your belly looks like?
  • Question #6. Where can you locate your extra weight?
    Around waist and hips area
    Out front
  • Question #7. Do you have acne in your face?
  • Question #8. How would you describe your feet?
    The same as usual
    Colder than before
  • Question #9. How does your hair in the legs grow?
    Slower than usual
    Faster than usual
  • Question #10. What us the appearance of your urine?
    Dull color
    Bright color
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The Interpretations of the Quiz

Beneath are particular points of the famous Old Folklore practices and myths that we utilized for our pregnancy gender quiz.

  • Interpretation for question #1:
    You can express if you are bearing a baby boy or a baby girl by the way you take good care of your baby during pregnancy period. Our gender prediction quizzes say if you carry your baby at lower phase then you will have a boy. If you carry at high phase, then you are more probable to have a baby girl.
  • Interpretation for question #2:
    The fetal heart beat per one full minute is also a popular girl or boy predictor. If the baby’s heart beat is faster than 140 beats per minute, then you are probable to have a baby girl. If the average heart rate is below 140 beats per one full minute, then it is said to be a baby boy.
  • Interpretation for question #3
    Another common pregnancy gender quiz is based on a pregnancy cravings for food. If you are craving more sweets, then it’s a girl. If your cravings during pregnancy are salty and spicy foods, then it’s a boy.
  • Interpretation for question #4
    Next question in our baby gender quiz has to do with morning sickness. If you have morning sickness that seems to last longer in a day, then you are having a baby girl. If you rarely have any occurrence of morning sickness, then it is a baby boy.
  • Interpretation for question #5
    If you are pregnant belly exhibiting a shape of a watermelon, a baby princess is on the way. According to a pregnancy gender quiz, if your belly shapes like a basketball, you will welcome a delightful prince.
  • Interpretation for question #6
    Is all your extra weight out in front? The girl or boy predictor says that you are having a baby boy. If all your extra weight is around your hips and waist, then it is assumed as a baby girl.
  • Interpretation for question #7
    Some old folk stories gender predictions are based on the way woman appears when she is pregnant. If you have acne during pregnancy period, the gender is a female. If you don’t have acne and look the same as before, you are having male baby.
  • Interpretation for question #8
    It is also believed that if your feet are colder during pregnancy period compare to usual, you are having a baby boy. If your feet are the same as usual, then it is a baby girl.
  • Interpretation for question #9
    Some say that you are having a baby boy if the hair grows faster on the legs because there more testosterone hormones in your body if it’s a boy. If the hair on your legs grows slower then you are having a baby girl.
  • Interpretation for question #10
    And the last girl or boy predictor question based on traditional practice has to do with the color of pregnant woman’s urine. If the urine color is dull, then you are having a baby girl. If the urine is bright color, then a baby boy is about to be delivered.
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