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9 Weeks Pregnant: Changes, Developments, and Expectations

So you are now into ninth week of pregnancy. Every new week of pregnancy is so very exciting and thrilling that it becomes overwhelming at times to keep pace with all the changes taking place inside the body and the new form of life taking shape. Week by week pregnancy symptoms are meant to keep pregnant women like you aware of all that is happening and also in terms of what to expect. Like all other weeks, ninth week of pregnancy is also a challenging one with lots of developments taking place. This article is meant to keep an expecting mom to be abreast with all the facts and information about her pregnancy stage to remain in control of her situation.

Changes in the baby

As for your baby is concerned, he is now roughly one inch and size and also weighs nearly 10 grams. Most of this weight is because of a large head that looks unusually large at this stage of development but the good thing is that the tail at the bottom of the spinal cord more or less disappears by the end of this week. Baby develops nipples on his chest and his chest and abdomen cavities become separate in this week. His intestines are growing at a frantic pace and they protrude into your uterus out of the umbilical cord. If you want to see what is going inside your body, there are available pregnancy day by day videos and pregnancy photos week by week on the internet. If you so desire, your doctor can make you see the tiny fingers and toes of your baby inside the womb during ninth week of pregnancy.

  • With his muscles developing, your baby may make movements of his limbs this week;
  • His digestive system gets formed along with anus and intestines;
  • Genitals are still being formed and it is hard to tell the sex of the baby;
  • Flap of skin gets formed over the eyes in the shape of eyelids;
  • The nose bridge becomes prominent and can be see;
  • All major body parts are now present though not fully formed.
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All about the mother

Do you find your nose stuffy and running? Do not get irritated as nasal congestion is quite common around this stage of pregnancy. There is no respite from vomiting, nausea, and dizziness. You continue to feel tired and exhausted and still have the feelings of heartburn and constipation. With hormone levels changing inside your body, it is common to have irritation and mood swings. Well, you must have become accustomed to all these signs of pregnancy by now, have you? Week by week pregnancy calendar is there to help you cope with all the sudden and unexpected developments.

  • Tender and large breasts with blue veins;
  • Indigestion and heartburn are common because of spurt in pregnancy hormones;
  • Nausea, morning sickness and dizziness continue this week;
  • Cravings for unusual foods;
  • Increased waistline with a hard uterus that can be felt by pressing stomach;
  • Weight gain is rapid and do not worry if you become or look overweight;
  • Your sex drive will be lowest around this week upsetting your partner;
  • Lying on your back may cause gastric problems making this week full of discomfort;
  • Some women experience spotting during this week. Unless bright red, there is no need to worry.


You and your breasts grow bigger

It is still hard for an outsider to tell if you are pregnant, but your breasts have enlarged and look glorious with all the blue veins developing to make them ready for lactation after child birth. The areola darkens, making you more attractive in the eyes of your partner. But if you do not want sagging breasts after some time, it is better to get a supportive bra for yourself. Some women by now have a large waistline, but every women responds differently to pregnancy, so do not worry if you still do not have a large tummy to show.

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Start a bit of exercising

As a mother to be, nine weeks pregnant is the time during your pregnancy to become a little more active so that you have lesser problems during childbirth and get back into shape quickly after delivery. Ask your doctor for some light exercises that you can do at home to stay fit and healthy.

Take it calmly and patiently

As far as week by week pregnancy symptoms are concerned, there are no alarming signs abruptly showing up during ninth week or pregnancy. It is however, advisable to relax and take full rest. You should try to enjoy the precious moments of your life despite there being some symptoms like acidity and heartburn causing discomfort. Just keep on thinking about the bundle of joy coming along your way in a few months time and you will feel happier all the time.

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