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8 Weeks Pregnant: Feel the Baby Developing

8 Weeks Pregnant: Feel the Baby Developing When you are into your eighth week of pregnancy implying you have completed 7 weeks of pregnancy, there are many changes inside your body with the development of the baby that you should be aware of. This is possible today by tracking week by week pregnancy symptoms. Knowing all about what is happening inside the body is very important for the mother to be. Pregnancy symptoms week by week let a woman know what to expect and be prepared to have a smooth pregnancy. An eight week pregnant woman is full of changes, both in the baby as well as the mother that will be discussed in detail in this article.

Now is the time for the baby to grow fast


Are you dreaming about the tiny fingers and delicate toes of the baby? Eighth week of pregnancy is the time when baby’s limbs begin to take shape and he can even flex his arms and legs to give a kick to his mother. If you have thought about the color of the eyes of the baby, this is the time when pigmentation in retina decides the color of the eyes of the baby. One interesting fact about the development of the organs of your baby will surprise you no end. Eighth week of pregnancy witnesses growth in the length of the intestines of the baby. They grow so fast that they outpace the stomach of the baby and protrude out of his abdomen into the umbilical cord of the mother for many more weeks.

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When you are eight weeks pregnant, it is hard to tell the sex of your baby despite the small buds developing into genitals in a vague manner. It is only later that the picture becomes clear.

First prenatal visit along with partner is very important

If you have just now become aware of the fact that you are pregnant (through a home testing kit or through urine test at the office of gynecologist), eighth week of pregnancy also happens to be the time for that all important prenatal visit to the doctor. This first prenatal visit is the major event where the doctor gets a chance to assess your pregnancy. She would obviously like to meet you with your partner as soon as possible to ascertain a safe pregnancy and finally, the delivery of a healthy baby.

Yes, it is still not possible for outsiders to guess about your pregnancy as your belly still does not show up but around this time you are expected to confront some pregnancy symptoms that may be new and surprising. This is where pregnancy symptoms week by week come handy for a mom to be.

Changes in the baby

Did you not like the embryo like baby in your womb? eighth week of pregnancy is the time around which your baby starts to take more of human form as his face begins to be formed. Though you cannot tell from outside, many changes are taking place inside and your baby is developing at a great pace.

  • Nose begins to protrude;
  • Upper lips become more visible;
  • Eye lids start to appear;
  • Fingers and toes begin to take shape;
  • Small heart is now stronger and beating rhythmically.
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All about the mother

Finally (am I seeing a smile on your face) your waistline begins to grow and you can tell the difference when you press your stomach as you can feel a hard uterus. By this time, you have become used to nausea and vomiting. Your baby has developed small limbs and his twitches cause little jerks inside your tummy that you can feel. While the size of your baby is still a raspberry and the size of your uterus similar to an orange, your breasts get enlarged and tender requiring you to wear a bigger bra. You will be troubled by morning sickness even during this week but the fact that you are having this symptom is enough to tell that your pregnancy is moving along well. It is common to have cravings for weird substances and doctors treat them as a sign that there is some nutritional deficiency, mostly iron. Many women complain of lower abdominal pains which are because of the baby growing and putting a pressure on the uterus. Following are some of the common signs during eighth week of pregnancy.

  • Increased breast size with blue veins appearing on them;
  • Lower abdominal pains;
  • Nausea, vomiting, and morning sickness continue though most of these subside or lessen in severity by the end of eighth week;
  • Cravings for weird food items;
  • Increased discharge from the vagina;
  • Bloating and swelling are seen commonly because of pregnancy hormones.

Armed with all this information in the form of week by week pregnancy symptoms, life becomes easier for a mom to be, as she knows what to expect and to prepare for some of the symptoms without undue worries.

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