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6 Weeks Pregnant – Changes that Happen as You Enter the Sixth Week of Pregnancy

6 Weeks Pregnant - Changes that Happen as You Enter the Sixth Week of Pregnancy If you are hoping to get pregnant and to start a family or are already pregnant, then you should read regarding week to week pregnancy changes so as to know what to expect beforehand. Pregnancy will bring about numerous changes to you and your body so you should know what to expect when so as to deal with it in a timely manner. You should know that a six week pregnant woman has the most severe symptoms during the entire pregnancy, so in this particular week you will be in for a tough time, and you should be prepared in advance to deal with the symptoms and signs that will occur. This article will provide you with complete information regarding the sixth week of pregnancy.

Physical Changes Occurring in your Body in the Sixth Week of Pregnancy

The very first thing that you will feel instantly as you enter in the sixth week of pregnancy is your stomach bloating, you will start feeling and looking fuller and changes will start occurring to your stomach. This is because the baby in your stomach will start to grow; however, the baby isn’t that big in size, you still need to keep a check on it by going for regular visits to the doctor. You should notice that you feel certain abdominal pain on and off but if the pain persists be sure you to visit your doctor, since it shouldn’t occur. Why does your body start to feel bloated? Since the baby grows in size it needs more nutrition and fluid due to which your body will retain more and more liquid and feel more bloated than usual.

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Some of the obvious physical changes that will occur in the body will be severe in the sixth week of pregnancy, which you will have to deal with. There are certain remedies that you can take to deal with such symptoms which will be discussed later on. During this week you will start to feel slightly ill which is very normal however, if you see spotting or bleeding it is advisable to visit your doctor immediately. Furthermore, you will notice a certain vaginal secretion that is pale yellowish in color. This secretion will continue to discharge until the time of your delivery however, you should keep a check on its color and smell. If you see any changes what you should do is visit your doctor immediately.

Signs and Symptoms in the Sixth Week of Pregnancy

Another common sign that are most common during this week of pregnancy are mood swings. You will feel unexplained changes in moods as it will change from happy to being angry or tears can even flow down the very next second. Furthermore morning sickness can elevate during this time period, however you should know the difference between being sick and vomiting all the time. If severe symptoms start to show then you should consider visiting your doctor since constant vomiting can lead to lack of bodily fluids, dehydration and even weight loss which is not good for you or the baby. Severity of morning sickness can occur if you are too young and pregnant or if you are overweight. Another sign that you might see is constipation, which is most common during mothers to be during this particular week. Why does this occur? The increased hormonal levels cause problems to the gastrointestinal tract which causes constipation in pregnant women. You can get rid of this problem by increasing the amount of dietary fibers. You can either choose natural remedies such as increased intake of vegetables and fruits that have dietary fibers or you can have fiber products available in the market.

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During the sixth week of pregnancy you will feel that you are no longer able to fit into your regular clothes. It is advisable to go shopping and purchase comfortable maternity clothes that will provide you with sufficient space to grow and the comfort that you and your baby require.

How to Deal with Discomfort in the Sixth Week of Pregnancy

So what can you do to make yourself feel better in this week when pregnancy symptoms are at its peak? A number of things that you can opt for include the following:

  • You need to increase the amount of rest so that you and your baby can remain fresh and healthy.
  • You need to keep a strict check on your diet. A well balanced diet is the key to a healthy you.
  • Avoid fatty foods as you are bound to have cravings. Try to satisfy them with healthier products rather than increasing the amount of oily foods as they can increase constipation problems.
  • Try to eat smaller meals from time to time, instead of having a big meal at one time, as it can make you feel sick and chances of vomiting increases.
  • You should increase the amount of fluids as your body needs it.
  • Also take vitamins and minerals tablets after consulting your doctor.
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