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5 Weeks Pregnant – Confirm Your Pregnancy

How to Confirm if Your are Pregnant in Your Fifth Week of Pregnancy?

The fifth week of pregnancy brings in some good news while others aren’t as pleasant as you expect. So what happens in this particular week? By this time you know for sure that you are five weeks pregnant since you have missed your period already and should by now have taken a home pregnancy test. Home pregnancy tests are as accurate as any other pregnancy test such as a urine test or a blood test.

However, it is better to test twice in order to remove any chances of a false positive or negative showing. From the fifth week of pregnancy your body will definitely start showing a majority of the pregnancy symptoms since this is the time when your baby starts to develop and grow. Most women who haven’t had any symptoms before may breathe a sigh of relief while those who hadn’t experienced any symptoms before and thus hadn’t conducted a pregnancy test may be in for a shock.

How Your Body Reacts in the Fifth Week of Pregnancy?

The very first thing you should do is to read up on a week by week pregnancy guide that will provide with all the information regarding pregnancy symptoms week by week, so you know what to expect when in order to avoid any alarms or further shocks. So first talking about what happens to your body, you will feel a majority of the pregnancy symptoms, around this time about fifty percent of women are said to show all or most of the symptoms amongst which morning sickness is seen the most. However, if your morning sickness prevails for an unlimited amount of time, which means that you cannot simply keep any food in and keep on vomiting everything out, then you have a condition known as Hyperemesis gravidarum in which the expecting mother suffers from acute vomiting and weight loss. In such conditions one has to be hospitalized and nutrition is provided through an intravenous line. So keep a look out for such a morning sickness and get in contact with your doctor immediately. A few other symptoms experienced will be discussed further on.

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How Your Baby is growing in the Fifth Week of Pregnany?

Coming on to how your baby is developing in this week of your pregnancy, the baby is about the size of a tadpole, approximately 0.118 inches long in size. The baby’s eyes and skeletal system begins to form and this is the point where vital organs of your baby start to form and develop. The fifth week of pregnancy is said to be a rapid cell development month in which the baby’s circulatory system is formed, so your baby’s heart beat can be sensed through an ultrasound. This moment is of utmost joy to most mothers as they are delighted to hear the presence of their baby for the very first time. Treasure this moment and keep memories with you for the future. During this week, as the heart is formed, the blood vessels also come into existence. Furthermore, the umbilical cord is formed which replaces the yolk sac. The yolk sac which previously provided nutrition to your baby is now eliminated and the umbilical cord now becomes responsible for doing this particular job. It not only provides it with food, but also blood and oxygen and removes any waste that the baby produces.

Signs and symptoms felt by mother

  • Tenderness and pain in the breasts.
    Your breasts start to change as they are preparing for breast feeding and you might feel that your breasts become sore and highly sensitive. A warm shower may help you deal with this sensitivity. Furthermore, you will see blue veins on your breasts never seen before and the tip of the breast will start to darken in color. There is nothing to get worried since this is a natural process.
  • Morning sickness and nausea
    As mentioned above the morning sickness and nausea will prevail through the fifth week as well. Even though this is called morning sickness, but know that this can prevail at any time of the day and even during the evening. So why does morning sickness occur? The change and increased level of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone make your gastrointestinal tract more prone to vomiting and nausea due to which you vomit without any prior notice.
  • You will still feel tired even in this week. Note that you will continue to feel tired throughout the pregnancy since you body is growing another human being inside it. Plenty of rest and mid-day naps can help you deal with this problem. Moreover, an improved and healthy diet that should contain an adequate amount of protein and iron to provide you with the energy you need along with healthy dairy intake and leafy vegetables.
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If you want you can visit your doctor and ask him or her for remedies to deal with the above problems, but note that they are very much natural and happen to all mothers to be.

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