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4 Weeks Pregnant -The Main Happenings in Your Body

4 Weeks Pregnant -The Main Happenings in Your Body

If you are thinking about conceiving a week by week pregnancy guide is what you need since it always better to be informed than ignorant, especially in such a situation. Keep in mind that your baby’s health depends on your health and in order to stay healthy you need to know what to expect from pregnancy. This article will provide women with all the information they require regarding the fourth week of pregnancy. So what happens in the when you are four weeks pregnant? First the changes happening in your abdomen will be discussed after which certain symptoms and signs will be discussed that you can expect to happen in this particular week. Note that the symptoms that will be discussed can be experienced by some pregnant women while some women may not even feel these symptoms even though they are four weeks pregnant as well. One should always know that everybody responds in its own unique way and even though these symptoms may be felt by most women, you might not and there is nothing wrong about it.

What Developments Occur with the Fetus in your Fourth Week of Pregnancy?


In the fourth week of pregnancy the three layers of the baby will start to form in your body. The three layers are endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm. So what does each of these layers include?

  • The endoderm includes the lungs, pancreas, thyroid, liver and the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The ectoderm includes the skin, nails, hair, sweat glands, enamel and the nervous system.
  • The last layer is the mesoderm which includes skeletal system, the circulatory system, blood, tissues and the muscles.
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Moreover, the buds of the arms and legs start to form however; one cannot distinguish them properly as it is just the beginning. Since in this month majority of the baby starts to develop your body will start to show a majority of symptoms in the fourth week of pregnancy.

What Bodily Changes to expect if you are 4 Week Pregnant?

So what are the major symptoms and signs that your body will start to show and feel in this month? A few of these symptoms will include the symptoms you will be feeling will include the symptoms you have been feeling in the previous three months, with a few newer symptoms as well. These include the following:

  • The first sign that will occur within the first fourth months in an increased level of the body basal temperature. As soon as you conceive you will feel that your body temperature remain slightly elevated than it was before.
  • Another major sign of pregnancy is that you will miss your period. The most common thing that occurs during
    4 Weeks Pregnant -The Main Happenings in Your Body
    4 Weeks Pregnant -The Main Happenings in Your Body

    pregnancy is that you will miss your periods. However, some women still bleed and have regular periods throughout their pregnancy which happens in certain conditions. You do not need to get alarmed by this however what you should do is visit the doctor.

  • A newer symptom that will occur is that you will feel changes occurring in your breasts in the fourth month. What will happen with your breasts is that the nipples will become softer and tender that will caused an increased amount of sensitivity. The breasts can also become lumpy or sore in certain conditions and the increased sensitivity won’t help much with this problem as well. Another change that might occur is that the breasts will darken in color and the veins may become enlarged and more noticeable than before. Lastly the circles around your nipples also known as areolas will darken in color.
  • Apart from changes occurring to your beast, morning sickness will remain persistent for the entire first trimester of the pregnancy which consists of the first thirteen weeks of the pregnancy. Morning sickness is called this because it usually occurs in the morning but this doesn’t mean that you cannot feel nausea or vomiting feeling throughout the entire day. In more unlucky cases, morning sickness can even last for all three trimesters of the pregnancy.
  • You will feel an increased amount of cervical mucus discharge from the vagina. This happens as a result of the increased amount of progesterone and still occurs in the fourth month.
  • Another major sign that you will feel throughout the pregnancy is that you will feel exhausted and tired. No matter how much you rest you will still feel tired. This is because your body is going overdrive and haywire since it is now working for two human beings now.
  • You will also start to experience frequent urination at night as your embryo and fetus starts to develop. Why does this happen? This is because as your fetus starts to develop your body will start to send more blood flow to it which will make the bladder irritable causing it to send urinary signals even when there is a small amount of accumulation of water.
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