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3 Weeks Pregnant – Fetus Growth and Development in the Third Week of Pregnancy

3 Weeks Pregnant - Fetus Growth and Development in the Third Week of Pregnancy Knowing about the different weeks of pregnancy and what is ongoing is very essential for the mother to be, so that she can expect what to happen and not be alarmed if her body is reacting in a way that never happened before. Week by week pregnancy is a good way to keep yourself informed you so do not feel the need to rush to the hospital for every little thing. You should know what your body would feel like as the pregnancy enters into the third week, so that you can provide your body on time with what it needs and when it needs it.

Ongoing chemical changes if you are three weeks pregnant

The amount of bodily changes that you might feel when you are three weeks pregnant are almost the same as the first two weeks, because during this time your fetus is developing and your body is making itself ready for the rest of the nine months that are ahead of it. The bodily changes will be discussed further on in the article. Right now the main focus is to discuss what is happening inside your abdomen to the baby. A fact that most women do not know of is that most of the physical aspects to your baby including the gender, the eye color, the hair color, the skin color and type and so much more are decided right there and then at the point of conception. So what is happening to your baby in the third week of pregnancy? Your body contains blastocyst which starts growing in the body as soon as the body conceives. What starts happening after that is that this blastocyst grows and starts to multiply in size and number. Part of this blastocyst will go on to become what is your placenta which then changes into your fetus. The placenta will contain hCG abbreviation for human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone that is detected in pregnancy tests. If the levels of hCG hormones in your body show as elevated then you are pregnant.

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Another change that will happen in the third week of pregnancy is that your placenta will get surrounded by what is called amniotic fluid. This amniotic fluid is produced by the body which consists of cells that help to keep the embryo and placenta safe. They form a liquid cushion around it so that the placenta doesn’t get damaged by any jerks or sudden movements. In the third week of pregnancy you baby undergoes basic growth in the sense that its brain, heart, lungs and spinal cord start to develop. So how big is your baby in size in the third week of pregnancy? At this point in time the fetus is extremely small in size. The fetus is only 0.0019 inches long which makes the fetus appear to be a cluster of cells rather than a baby undergoing development.

Most common symptoms during the third week of pregnancy

So as we are talking about pregnancy by week you should also be aware about the symptoms that may occur in this particular week. The signs that most commonly determine the third week of pregnancy are mostly the same as the first and the second week of pregnancy; however there are some additional things to need to remain on the lookout for. So first talking about the signs that are common in the first two weeks and the third week of pregnancy. They are as follows:

  • Increased discharged of cervical mucus. In this week, similar to the previous two weeks you will find that your cervical is still producing that thick discharge known as cervical mucus. This is a byproduct of the elevated levels of progesterone.
  • Another sign is fatigue. Your body will feel excessively exhausted even though you have had sufficient amount of sleep. This is because your body is now doing the work for 2 humans instead of one due to which you will feel tired most of the time.
  • Nausea and vomiting feeling.
  • Another sign is feeling sleepy. This is also as a result of the tiredness mentioned above and secondly the elevated levels of progesterone produces a sedative effect.
  • Another sign is spotting, which will occur instead of your periods. You will see a pinkish discharged instead of having your normal periods.
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A few more symptoms and reasons when you are three weeks pregnant

  • As the fetus starts to develop you will start to feel some abdominal cramps or mild abdominal pain. This is because as the fetus starts to grow and pushes against the abdominal wall which results in cramps. Most women when they are three weeks pregnant think of this as an adverse sign that something is going wrong. However, one should know that this is very normal for the first trimester.
  • You might feel constipated and the urge to pass wind over and over again. As the baby grows in size you might start to feel constipated. You can adopt remedies that your doctor might suggest to help you through this.
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