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2 Weeks Pregnant – What Will Your Body Experience

2 Weeks Pregnant - What Your Body Will Experience in This Week There is a list of pregnancy symptoms week by week that might help you be aware of what bodily changes you might be going through, in this wonderful time. This article will provide you with information regarding the second week of pregnancy. Before coming on to the bodily signs and symptoms, you should know what is happening to body and fetus in terms of development. In the second week of pregnancy it becomes difficult to determine exactly how your baby is developing and due dates are established later on in the pregnancy period.

Common expectations for 2 weeks pregnant woman


What happens in the second week of pregnancy is that around twenty eggs which join together to form the ova ripen and fill in sacs known as follicles. What then happens is that any one of these sacs ruptures and sends eggs into the fallopian tube where the fertilization takes place. This usually happens fourteen days before your menstrual cycle ends since this is the time period when you are most fertile. There is a twenty percent chance that the egg will combine with the sperm, so you do not need to be disappointed. Keep trying until you get what you achieve. So how do you know when you are pregnant?

Bodily symptoms in the second week of pregnancy

Week by week pregnancy help can aid you into knowing even prior to the home pregnancy test whether you are pregnant or not. So some of the few signs that will lead to determining this include the following:

  • The very first bodily change that will occur is a high basal body temperature. Once you have conceived your baby the increased level of progesterone will cause your body temperature to remain high. At the time of your ovulation i.e. when you are expecting to get your periods, if your body temperature becomes elevated there is a slight chance that you might have conceived.
  • Another sign for pregnancy is a missed period. However, you must be sure to not mix it up with other reasons that might lead to you missing your period such as higher levels of stress, hormonal imbalance or if you have recently undergone massive surgery or medical treatment your menstrual cycle may become irregular. Moreover, there is a chance for you to still bleed even if you are pregnant, since some women experience regular bleeding throughout their pregnancies which you should talk to your doctor about.
  • Another early sign of pregnancy can be morning sickness. These are the things that will start almost instantly as soon as you conceive. Morning sickness usually does occur in the morning but you can experience it at other times of the day and even night too. Morning sickness causes nausea and a vomiting feeling, so eat light but have sufficient meals. Also do not let the blood sugar levels go below a certain level and ginger helps to relieve you of this problem. Do not worry since morning sickness usually lasts for the first trimester, which includes the first three weeks. However, in certain cases, morning sickness can last the entire pregnancy period. This happens if you are really very unlucky.
  • Due to the increased progesterone levels in your body, a byproduct of this activity is an increased level of cervical mucus production. Some women will notice this instantly while others won’t even feel it. Whatever the case may be, this is an immediate bodily change that occurs as soon as you conceive.
  • Another immediate sign will be tiredness, drowsiness sand fatigue. This happens because when your body conceives, it goes into overdrive, putting it extra energy to develop the fetus and help it grow. So now your body is doing double the work then it previously used to, which makes you tired and you feel exhausted most of the time. Moreover, the increased level of the hormone progesterone has an anesthetic effect on you, so you would want to sleep more. So if you experience the above mentioned symptoms and at the same time start feeling tired for no reason, chances are that you are two weeks pregnant.
  • Another major symptom is spotting in the second week. Around eight to ten days after the ovulation period when the conception is final and before you are about to have your periods, you start to spot irregularly and the discharge is pink in color. You would expect to get your periods normally however if you start getting spots chances are that you are pregnant.
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You must need the difference between the signs and the symptom that you might feel during the different weeks in your pregnancy and that is why you should read more on pregnancy by week and make yourself more informed when it comes to your body and the changes that it is going through.

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