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12 Weeks Pregnant: Glowing Skin, naturally

Leaving the first trimester behind

Congratulations to you if you have entered twelfth week of pregnancy. This week of pregnancy signifies the end of the first trimester of pregnancy formally and you enter into a phase which is the phase of rapid growth of the baby. All the organs of the baby have been formed and now is the time for the baby to grow larger and stronger. The chances of miscarriage are minimal now onwards and the chances of baby’s survival increase tremendously. This means that all mothers to be can now relax and enjoy their pregnancy much more and take it easy. However, there are varied week by week pregnancy symptoms in a pregnancy and having knowledge of all the facts and information is of great help to an expecting mother. This article attempts to provide all information regarding twelfth week of pregnancy that might be useful for twelve weeks pregnant ladies.

Watch the video of the baby and be thrilled

If you did not like the picture of the baby in your womb earlier, you would be happy to see the difference now. The baby has normal human like eyes and ears which were earlier sideways. He now has all organs developed and fully defined and 12 week of pregnancy witnesses them growing at a rapid rate. If the fingers and toes of the baby separated in the previous week, they will grow nails this week. The baby also develops hair during twelfth week of pregnancy. However, pregnancy chart week by week does not unfold in a similar fashion for every woman and one should always consult with the doctor to clarify all doubts.

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Changes in the baby

Your baby is alive and kicking. His organs are developed and working, one proof of which is his kidneys producing urine that he excretes through the placenta. The organs will continue to develop throughout the period of pregnancy but week by week pregnancy symptoms imply that there are some symptoms that are characteristic of twelfth week of pregnancy. One such symptom is gender classification as it finally becomes clear what sex or gender the baby belongs to. Peristalsis is also a symptom that most pregnant women show up in twelfth week of pregnancy. This is muscle contractions in the walls of the intestine that allows for digestion of food.

  • Eyes of the baby are finally human like moving from sideways to their normal position;
  • Baby finally starts to respond to outside touch as one can feel him moving upon touching belly tightly;
  • The liver and kidneys of the baby start functioning normally;
  • The baby moves inside the uterus and bends limbs freely. He also clenches fists and his kicks can be felt by the mother;
  • The head of the baby is now more in proportion to rest of his body and looks more like a human head;
  • The baby grows in size rapidly getting more nourishment through the placenta;
  • The baby swallows amniotic fluid and passes urine like a human being;
  • The baby develops the reflex of sucking.


All about the mother

A visit to the gynecologist will let you know that she can feel the baby just your lower abdomen without making much of an effort. Your clothes are becoming tighter each week and you may require a new wardrobe this week as your tummy is gaining in size. You will notice that you require fewer visits to the urinal as the uterus moves up and forward not pressing against the bladder like earlier. If you look at week by week symptoms, you will find that morning sickness has finally gone and you also do not feel tired as much.

  • Expect to gain 2-3 pounds during twelfth week of pregnancy;
  • You finally begin to show the belly declaring that you are carrying a baby inside;
  • You feel energetic and do not get tired as quickly as you did earlier;
  • Sensitivity to sun’s rays might increase during this week in addition to changes in the color of the skin;
  • You might experience some gastrointestinal disorders this week due to excessive pregnancy hormones being released. This can be countered eating light meals and avoiding late night meals including snacks;
  • Surprisingly, you get a glowing skin that might bring compliments for you. The reason behind supple and radiant skin is increased blood flow and increased pregnancy hormones.
  • Many women experience acne because of increased secretion of oil from glands.
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Eat calcium supplements for baby’s bones

Week by week pregnancy calculator tells that the rapidly growing baby needs more calcium for his bones and muscles. The baby takes away calcium from your body even if that means compromising with your health. This means you must take increased levels of calcium in the form of milk and dairy products. You can also take calcium supplements as per doctor’s advice. Twelfth week of pregnancy brings assurance as chances of miscarriage fall further low.

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