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11 Weeks Pregnant: Cross the Bridge of Risk

11 Weeks Pregnant: Cross the Bridge of Risk Pregnancy is a beautiful little period in the life of a woman when she is thrilled and excited as she knows she will give birth to a new life form after some time. But pregnancy is also a testing time for her as there is a wide range of symptoms that are experienced commonly by women. However, if a lady is armed with all the information and facts that she can make use of during pregnancy, she is better prepared and her pregnancy becomes a lot more smooth and relaxing. Week by week pregnancy calendar is available on many websites on the internet that provides all the knowledge a pregnant lady needs to prepare herself week for her pregnancy. This article contains useful information on all changes taking place inside the body of an expecting mother in addition to the development of the baby during eleventh week of pregnancy.

The time has come for the baby to grow rapidly


If the baby grew slowly in the first ten weeks of pregnancy, now onwards he will grow at a rapid rate to become three times in size by the week you enter your 20th week of pregnancy. Baby growth week by week starting from 11th week to 20th week is much more than the earlier phase of pregnancy. To keep pace with this increased rate of growth the placenta that connects the baby with the mother develops in size and number of blood vessels in it also increases to make available nutrients for the growing baby. The size of the head of your baby is still to large in proportion to the rest of his body. All organs of the baby are fully formed though it is hard to tell the sex of the baby from the appearance of the reproductive organ. The picture will soon become clear though.

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Eat more to fulfill baby’s needs

As the baby is growing at an amazing pace, he also requires higher amounts of nourishment. This nourishment comes from the body of the mother who also gains weight that shows around the tummy, breasts, legs, and buttocks.

Changes in the baby

The baby is no more an embryo and has a fully developed human figure. Critical part of his development is now over and he will grow rapidly from this week of pregnancy. Though he is still just 11/2 inches in size, the size of the baby will grow at a great pace now onwards. He is developing tooth gums and his tiny fingers now can be clenched into a fist. All his fingers are separate and bones have slowly started to form. The basic structure is ready now and the rest of the six months are utilized by the baby to grow larger and stronger. Below are listed some of the most prominent changes that take place in the eleventh week of pregnancy.

  • You are closing on the first trimester and the baby has become very active with the development of limbs;
  • The head of the baby is still very large in comparison to his body but soon there will be a correction and the body will start to grow more than head. Pictures of pregnancy week by week prove this point;
  • Baby’s movements can now be seen on a video with the help of a sonogram and these videos reflect that he has now become a good swimmer dancing inside;
  • The baby now starts to urinate through placenta;
  • The baby is a fully developed fetus and no more an embryo now;
  • Baby’s bones begin to harden week by week in pregnancy.
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All about the eleven weeks pregnant mother

Morning sickness finally goes away though there is this enhanced sense of smell that is enough to cause nausea every now and then. The size of the uterus grows to that of a grapefruit and you will be happy that your appetite is now god allowing you to eat more for you and the baby. Some women start to show baby bump when they are eleven weeks pregnant. As the baby becomes more active, you might start to have a higher body temperature and you might feel thirsty frequently. Following are some of the commonly experienced symptoms in eleventh week of pregnancy.

  • Most women feel dehydration during pregnancy because of increased action on the part of the baby. Take full rest and drink more fluids;
  • Change in levels of pregnancy hormones might cause headaches in some women;
  • You require increased nourishment to support rapid baby growth. Eat as per your doctor’s advice.

Eleventh week of pregnancy is an important milestone during the term of pregnancy as after this week of pregnancy chances of miscarriage are very low. If you have come thus far, you can have a sigh of relief and relax and enjoy the rest of the term.

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