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10 Weeks Pregnant: Reaching an Important Milestone

Crossing a milestone

When a pregnant lady reaches her tenth week of pregnancy, she is technically still in her first trimester of pregnancy that extends till 13 weeks of pregnancy. However, considering there are in total 40 weeks, tenth week implies she has passed one fourth of her long and exciting journey towards motherhood. Week by week pregnancy symptoms change and knowing about these changes and developments inside the womb enables a mom to be in charge of her situation. This article contains all information and facts pertaining to changes inside the body of a woman in addition to development of her baby during tenth week of pregnancy.

Your baby develops nails and he can now swim inside

Your baby is now more than just a fetus. All his organs are now developed and he is growing rapidly. If only you could take a peep inside your womb, with the help of pregnancy week by week video, you would be overjoyed to see tiny fingers getting covered with nails. The baby is now able to swim inside, kicking and swallowing. Though the baby is still a little more than an inch only, he is starting to develop hair over his skin.

Say goodbye to morning sickness

There is some good news for the mother to be also. Morning sickness, that was a bane for you for some time now, seems to be easing during 10 week of pregnancy. However, this week is known for mood swings and blotches in complexion. But there is nothing to worry as these are temporary symptoms. This is the exciting part of pregnancy that presents changing week to week pregnancy symptoms.

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Changes in the baby

The size of the baby is still too small for the mother to notice that he is making swimming motions inside the womb. The major organs of the baby are almost complete and he does not have stubs or webbings anymore. He has tiny hands, feet, toes and ankles in miniature size. The genitals are also being formed though it is hard to tell the sex of the baby even now. He now has eyes that are not transparent but developed like human eyes and his external ears and upper lip is completely formed now.

  • Tooth buds start to form;
  • If a boy, the fetus starts to produce male hormone testosterone;
  • Lungs of the baby begin to take shape;
  • Tail extending from spinal cord finally disappears;
  • The baby is able to bend his limbs;
  • The embryo is now completely converted into a human form;
  • Hair and finger nails get added to the body of the baby during this week of pregnancy;
  • Head of the baby looks more pronounced and bigger in proportion to his rest of the body;
  • The baby now has fully developed orans like heart, lever, kidneys, lungs etc.


All about the mother

To facilitate nourishment to the baby, mother starts to produce more blood. In fact, there is an increase of 40-50% in the volume of her blood which she notices in the form of blue veins on her breasts that increase in size and become tenderer. Veins start to appear on other body parts of the mother to be as well such as tummy, legs, and thighs. Though there is a gradual weight gain throughout her pregnancy, pregnancy calendar week by week shows that weight gain during tenth week of pregnancy is more than other weeks. This weight gains shows on breasts and fat around the tummy and buttocks. Rest of the weight gain goes to baby, placenta, uterus, and blood and other fluids.

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Pregnancy gingivitis is one condition that many pregnant women encounter during tenth week of pregnancy. To keep gums and teeth healthy, a pregnant lady must keep an appointment with her dentist. Going by week by week pregnancy symptoms, a doctor may make a mom to be, hear the heartbeat of her baby with the help of a Doppler stethoscope. The following is a list of changes that most women notice in their bodies.

  • Morning sickness finally takes a break and a woman can relax a bit when she is ten weeks pregnant;
  • Weight gain is perceptible and quite normal during this stage of pregnancy. Do not worry if you gain a lot of weight this week;
  • Most of the weight gain shows up on breasts, tummy and thighs;
  • Increase in levels of hormones like estrogen and progesterone means breasts become very tender;
  • Nausea and feelings of tiredness might increase this week. This means it is better not to exert or push yourself too much;
  • You might find an enhanced sense of smell that could cause nausea more frequently than earlier.
  • You can feel the growing baby now more clearly than before by touching or pressing around your pelvic bone.

All in all, tenth week of pregnancy proves to be quite a handful and eventful for a mother to be.

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