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1 week pregnant – Catch on the Earliest Signs of Conception

1 week pregnant - Catch on the Earliest Signs of Conception Pregnancy is a wonderful time in life and every woman longs to go through the experience. However, one should know regarding the precautions, the bodily changes, expectations and course of action that should be taken upon the onset of pregnancy. Hence you should be aware and informed regarding week by week pregnancy conditions and pregnancy symptoms week by week, as they will be an important part of your future survival kit. This article will provide you with the signs, symptoms and everything related to the first week of pregnancy.

How to be sure you are 1 week pregnant


Most people say that it is difficult to decide whether you are pregnant or not, until and unless you have missed your period and it is not until the third or fourth week of pregnancy that you can surely tell whether you are pregnant or not. The most important sign that will show that you are pregnant will, of course are a missed period, after which you can confirm the hunch by taking a home pregnancy test. Note that there are always chances of a false positive test so what you can do are to take the test at least twice to be sure of the results. However, this is the medical way and if you are looking for signs that you can catch that will prove that you might be pregnancy, there are a few ones that you can keep a lookout for. Note that when you conceive you start showing signs almost instantly, since the body goes through several changes, one can easily tell whether they have conceived or not from the first day of conception.

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Early signs when you are 1 week pregnant

So what are the earliest signs of pregnancy, after which you can go for a pregnancy test? Amongst a few changes that your body goes through include:

  • A drop in the body temperature. This sign can be read from the very first day of conception; you will notice a sudden drop in your body’s temperature that will be prolonged enough for you to notice it.
  • You will notice spotting or irregular bleeding (so-called implantation bleeding) of pink or brown color. This happens commonly during the first week of pregnancy and may continue till around ten days after ovulation.
  • Hot flashes are very common during the first week of pregnancy. You body temperature will become unstable. Previously your temperature dropped however, it might also rise instantly and you will start to feel really hot for no reason. Hot flashes occur rapidly but end rapidly too.
  • Implantation cramps also known as lower abdominal cramps. After the implantation of the sperm in the uterus, you will suffer from reoccurring abdominal pain. This can be dealt with great ease and there is nothing to worry about. Visit your local doctor and ask him to subscribe a painkiller that will relieve you of the pain. However it is better to go for natural remedies that to ingest medicines during this wonderful time of your life. Try going to a hot water bottle or an abdominal massage rather than taking loads and loads of pills, which can endanger your fetus and cause damage to your liver as well.
  • Unexplained emotional and mood swings. Since your body is going through so many changes, the hormones present in your body cause you to have irregular and instant shifts in moods. You can start feeling happy one minute and then get angry all of a sudden for no apparent reason. Do not worry for this is very common during the first week of pregnancy.
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These are the most obvious signs of early pregnancy that do not require any medical tests what you can then do is purchase a home pregnancy test and go for it. If you have missed your period then the chances of your test showing a positive increase immensely.

Course of Action when you are in your First week of Pregnancy

So what should be the course of action after you have determined that you are pregnant? In the pregnancy by week guideline, the most appropriate thing to do next is to visit your doctor and ask him or her everything you need to know regarding pregnancy and baby development week by week during the first trimester of pregnancy. Furthermore, this is the best time to take a healthier diet, since now your baby’s health also depends on whatever you intake as food and liquids. You can go for fresh fruits and vegetables, if you don’t like eating then you can have a fresh fruit juice or smoothie since they will provide your baby with all the necessary vitamins and minerals it wants to grow. Furthermore if you are involved in any unhealthy habit such as smoking or alcohol drinking, this is definitely the time to quit. Smoking and alcohol can cause serious damage to the fetus development and can lead to a miscarriage or premature birth. Furthermore stop intake of over the counter medicines and consult your doctor before ingesting any. Also think positive and read up on baby health and care as much as you can.

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