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Week by week pregnancy – Why it is important to know for a dad?

Week by week pregnancy – Why it is important to know for a dad? Congratulations, you will be a daddy. Even if your wife carries the baby, this does not mean that your life won’t be changed. On the contrary, your life will be changed completely, the responsibilities of a father are diverse, and they are also important. Especially for the first weeks of pregnancy, when the mother is caught up with so many tasks, such as determining the state of pregnancy and preparing for the months to come, the father has to know what to expect during pregnancy.

What to know about pregnancy


  • Have you observed a dark colored line on the abdomen of the future mother? The doctors call it a black line, and it appears between the pubic bone and the belly button of the pregnant woman. It is provoked by the hormonal changes, and it will disappear after pregnancy. However, the expectant father has to know what to expect, especially because this line might cause worries for the mother. The father to be has to know how to comfort the mother, and how to make her understand that there is nothing wrong with it.
  • A dad to be will surely observe some changes about the breasts of the mother. The breasts will become fuller, with pronounced nipples. Moreover, some leaks might be observed, and this liquid has the consistency of milk. Don’t be afraid about this phenomenon, as it is normal. However, when it comes to pregnancy for dads, the future father must know and understand this phenomenon that might be scary for the woman.
  • The expectant father might also be worried about the sex life during pregnancy. Well, sexual contacts are not forbidden during pregnancy, but during the first three months, it is practically impossible for something to happen, especially because of nausea and tiredness, but starting with the second semester, the pregnant woman will start to feel sexy and attractive. This is the most important pregnancy for dads period, as the majority of couples that choose to have sex during this period say that it is absolutely great. Of course, there are also the fathers that find those changes less attractive, but the majority of them find it feminine and sexy.
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Unpleasant aspects for the first time dad

The body of the woman changes a lot, a few extra kilograms appear, and also some unpleasant signs of the body, signs that might make the woman feel unattractive. Although some fathers find those changes unattractive, remember that it is your wife or girlfriend that we are talking about, and that besides the changes, you should be supportive. In fact, one of the most important things to know about pregnancy is the fact that you need to be supportive, and that you will need to sustain your girlfriend in any occasion, and in any circumstances.

A daddy to be must know these aspects, especially while the woman has negative feelings about her body, and many fears connected with her health and the health of the baby. Of course, it is hard for some fathers to understand the moods and the changes made by hormones, but the expectant father must know that it is normal for a woman to feel incredibly happy at a moment, and to fall in a deep depression a few moments later. Stay besides your wife and make sure she is in a good state for as long as possible.

What to expect during pregnancy: morning sickness

During the first three months of pregnancy, your wife will fight a fearless enemy: the morning sicknesses. Those appear for the majority of women, and they are provoked by certain actions and odors. Some woman feels those states so profound, that they can’t eat anything. The expectant father must support the woman during this period, and he might also need to bare some bad and undeserved moods, such as being thrown out of the room for no particular reason. A father to be must intervene in a discrete but also firm manner, and to observe the symptoms. In some cases, the mother might suffer a rare affection, which is called “toxic pregnancy”, and this is why she needs medical care. Otherwise, she and the baby are in great danger.

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You have probably heard the terrifying stories of the experienced fathers about the huge appetite of a pregnant woman. There is nothing wrong with this behavior and a man that is woken up in the middle of the night to hunt for strawberries, pies and other extravagances are common. There is nothing wrong with this behavior, but a dad to be must know that the pregnant woman is able to obtain the needed nutrients and minerals from other foods, excepting those that are “needed” in the middle of the night.

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