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Sex during Pregnancy – Few considerations

Sex during Pregnancy – Few considerations Many divergences appear during pregnancy because of sex during pregnancy in a couple. While the man might consider this normal, the woman might reject him because of the morning sicknesses and because of psychological problems. The truth is that sex during pregnancy is not forbidden, but the husband must know a few aspects about pregnancy sex before involving himself into such an initiative.

Here are the cases when sex during pregnancy is forbidden:

  • the pregnant woman is treated for premature pregnancy;
  • the cervix is short or dilated;
  • the placenta bleeds;
  • the woman suffered pregnancy loss in the past.

If you are not in one of those cases, there is no chance for you to hurt the baby while having sex, even if the partner stays on top. Now that we have come to this chapter, let’s see some facts about the pregnancy sex positions that you must adopt.

The thin layer that covers the cervix has the role to protect the baby against infections. The same role belongs to the amniotic bag and to the strong muscles of the urethra. Although the baby will move after an orgasm, this is not owned to the fact that the baby fells pain, but because of the intense activity of his or hers heart, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

It is important to use certain sex positions during pregnancy, and if it is needed, you can even use some lubricants. The sexual pain must not provoke pain, and the urethra’s contractions during orgasm must be carefully followed. If after the orgasm, the woman feels regulated or painful contractions, call the doctor as soon as possible.

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Sex during early pregnancy offers the same pleasure?


It depends on the organism of the woman. The growing level of blood circulation of blood around the pelvis area could increase the dimensions of the ovary, intensifying the sensation, but this growth might offer some women pleasures, while for others, it might create discomfort. Moreover, some women might feel pains during the sexual act, the breast could increase their volume, and the breast might become bigger and softer. The man must know that those symptoms are common while having sex during pregnancy, and this is why the man must comfort the woman by explaining her this aspect.

Being pregnant and not being in the mood: is this normal?

The majority of women have the same appetite for pregnancy sex as they had in the past, as sex and pregnancy are strictly connected. In some cases, when the woman feels uncomfortable with her body, or when the sudden changes are too much for the pregnant woman, she might not be in the mood for the whole duration of pregnancy. In this case, the husband must understand those changes, and he might be patient. Nine months is a long time, but after trying some diverse pregnancy sex positions, the man might realize that sex in pregnancy is not possible.

Some men are afraid to give oral sex during pregnancy to their wives, thinking that they could be infected by the leaks of the vagina during pregnancy. Well, it might be possible for the expectant father to have this unpleasant surprise, but this happens rarely. This method is also great for pregnant women that want to satisfy their men during pregnancy, but they are afraid of having sex.

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For women, the pregnancy creates the need for affection, which is stronger than satisfying the physical expectations. This is why pregnancy for dads might represent a problem, but they should know that their wives appreciate hugging, holding hands and discovering new methods of finding pleasure as important.

Many women neglect sex during pregnancy during this period, even if the orgasm might last longer than before. Although the sexual contact is welcomed, a new modality to feel close to your woman

If the woman has her doubts when it comes to sex during pregnancy, as a reliable husband, you should replace the pregnancy sex with some other methods to have a great time. Sometimes, holding hands and saying nice words one to the other might make you feel close one to the other, in an intimate way, and this is more important for your partner than having sex.

Remember the moment when you have conceived the child, enjoy the time together, take long walks, as long as the wife can handle them, and spend a romantic evening with candle lights and massage.

The advices concerning sex and pregnancy are diverse for this period, and they don’t only depend on the medical circumstances, but also on the level of implication of the partners. In the majority of cases, it is recommended to have sex during pregnancy, but you should only try the pregnancy sex positions that are comfortable for your man.

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