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Is it important to support your partner?

Is it important to support your partner The way of which you communicate with your wife would surely affect her sense of security. Getting yourself being distant to her in both physical and emotional will surely make her feel like she is alone in this phase of life. For a dad to be, you must try to be more sensitive and simply encourage her to simply discuss her anxieties and fears. You must always expect that there will be changes in your sex life and expert her to have some mood changes and there will be greater impact into your relationship. This is somewhat a crucial part of relationship, as it could grow you more closely and draw you both apart.

For expectant father, you must always remember that the happier and the more relaxed your wife throughout her pregnancy; your baby would simply gain by experiencing some sort of long-term emotional as well as physical benefits. So, you need to give her the time, the love and the support through simple and pleasant gestures.

Habit Changes


  • If you smoke, you should cut it down or better give it up. Whenever you can’t, you have to smoke away from your partner as passive smoke filtering right through to your baby is somewhat a damaging one.
  • For a father to be, if you drink coffee, you must never do it right in front of her, as she would be trying to stay off the caffeine. You can just get one right through your work instead.
  • Whenever you drink, you should always reduce it. It will surely demonstrate how you support your partner at her time of pregnancy.
  • Whenever you junk so much on junk foods, you must avoid and simply start eating healthy foods, as it will surely promote better eating habits for her too.
  • Whenever you can avoid traveling for the last trimester of her pregnancy, you should make that possible, for the reason that some of the babies decide to come early. You must always be there for her.
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Do Some Exercise Together

  • For pregnancy for dads, you can show your support to her by doing some exercise together. Why don’t you walk, swim, or even go to the gym? Apart from staying in better shape, it would be a better thing for you to spend your time together and stay right at the top of things.
  • With what to expect during pregnancy, you may choose to just massage your partner. Your partner would be starting to feel the aches as well as the discomforts when she grows bigger. Leg and back pains are somewhat common complaints. You could help her to ease the pain and show her how much you care for this very simple gesture. It would even help her to ease the pain and its shows how much you care for her and for the baby as well.
  • Moreover, you can lug around with the heavy bags and help her to shop on home and for the baby essentials. You may even suggest doing the shopping together. Keep in mind that she would surely enjoy walking around the supermarket, while you, as a father to be help her for the loads.
  • Visiting the doctor together, attending some scans as well as monthly visits to the doctor with her could be a big thing. She could simply take this as your support. For some essential appointments and tests, she will definitely need your presence. If she is attending some childbirth classes, you should try going with her, as it makes her feel more secured and comfortable.
  • Going for some dates is also a better advice for dads to be. You still have to make the time of sharing similar interests other than your baby. It would be easy for you to be caught up with the issues as well as preparations for the baby other than sliding. You must always keep some time aside every week for both of you and go for some movies or dinner. Getting some moments alone is actually one of the things for pregnancy for fathers to keep in mind always.
  • If you have much time and some budget for a charade, then you could take your wife to a vacation. You can simply plan a trip away from your home and simply enjoy it. Trips are suitable, since the date of giving a child is still months far. Whenever the trip is for the last trimester, you need to make it sure that she is always comfortable and suitable for a travel. You can surely keep the vacation a short one, just like weekend long.
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There are many pregnancy guides for dads to consider, and it will help you with essential things you have to know. It comprises pregnancy facts for dads and you can always use them for your own advantage.

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