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How You Can Help Your Partner during Labor?

What to expect during labor

How you can help your partner during labor? The father to be must be a sustaining part of pregnancy, and he must be ready to give his full support and understanding. If you have already decided that you will give birth naturally, the travail will be a difficult moment. The mother carries a great pressure, and this is why the father might go to childbirth classes. This way, he will find out about natural medicines that would help, but also medicines and other cures.

The father might choose to stay with his wife during birth, but he might also don’t want to be present. Movement might help the pregnant woman to give birth easily. This is why the expectant father might want to find a hospital with big beds. Don’t worry, as the specialized clinics are designed with the latest technologies that will be of great help. Even if women prefer to choose cesarean in the latest period, you should know that, in the case you choose natural birth, your wife will not have any problems if she chooses natural birth. A father to be must be well documented about those matters, as he has to bring arguments for choosing one method or the other. In any case, even if the father has a well sustained opinion, the decision must be made by the future mother.

The stages of labor


  • The pregnancy for dads guides recommend the mother not to stay in a horizontal position while giving birth. Although it might look like a comfortable position, mothers that have already given birth can tell you that the pains will not be smaller if they lay down. The mother must take the child birthing classes in order to understand all the symptoms, and the father must bring his contribution by encouraging the mother.
  • A mother must move through the bed during labor, as this will make the birth a lot easier and faster. It is proven by specialists, and also stated in the child birth classes that the movement will help the baby to get down on the pelvis, and the movement will reduce the muscular tension. This is how the pains are attenuated.
  • Help your wife to walk around the saloon for a few minutes during labor. This way, the pains will be eased. Of course, a nurse could be of help, but the childbirth classes say that the father’s support will help the mental state of the woman.
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What to expect during labor: easing the pains

Any activity such as walking, talking with the husband or concentrating to less stressing activities will help the mother. The level of stress will be eased, and the reason why you feel less powerful is the fact that the wife will create pressure on the nervous terminations from the feet that will ease the labor pains.

What to know about pregnancy: movement and the advices of the father

The mother must change the position during labor as often as she wants. The father must help her in this matter. As the movement helps you to modify the diameter and shape of the pelvis, and the balance movements of the shoulders will help the child to find the ideal position to get out into this world.

Another advantage of activity during travail is that it will shorten the duration. Studies showed that when the mothers were active during the first stage of travail, in the final, the process was shortened compared with the duration of travail for women that remained immobilized in bed.

The expectant father must know that this is the result of the fact that the rhythm of the uterus contractions is accelerated while the woman stays in a vertical position, and in the case you lay down, the rhythm of contractions will be diminished. This is one of the reasons why the doctor recommends a break from any activity if the pregnant woman is in danger of giving birth before the term.

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The father to be must read the pregnancy for dads guide, or to take the child birth class. This way, the dad to be will understand the benefit of moving during the travail. In case this is possible, ask if your doctor allows your wife to sit in a rocker chair, of if you can play some music during the labor.

The dad’s guide to pregnancy will also help you to anticipate the possible duration and intensity of the pain. Are those pains normal, and if they are, how is it possible to ameliorate them?

The sites with pregnancy for fathers details are filled with hints about anticipating the pains of your wife considering the symptoms of pregnancy, and the pregnancy websites for dads will be of great help in this direction, as you will be able to support your wife as she expects.

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