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Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy – What To Expect Week By Week

Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy - What To Expect Week By Week An expectant father can have different reactions when the news of him becoming a father is relieved. Some may become excited instantly while others may be taken over with fear. One should know that both the reactions are completely justified as they are rational. Even though the transition from becoming a simple husband to an expectant father is a slow process but it is a permanent transformation.

The pregnancy time period consists of the first trimester, the second trimester and the third trimester, which provides the expectant father with ample time to prepare for the time ahead. This article will provide the father to be with all the information that will help him through all pregnancy week by week.

A few things to look during the first trimester


During the first trimester there are many problems that will uproot and you will start feeling anxious and nervous, not about just one thing but quite a few. This will include:

  • The health of your wife that will be changing quite rapidly;
  • The wellbeing of your baby;
  • The financial burden that will increase with the baby on its way;
  • Altogether how you will survive through the entire period, as there is a lot when it comes to what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy.

During this particular trimester your wife will go through abrupt changes and you will think of the entire situation as being rather odd and worrying. Do not worry as the symptoms that will appear during the week by week pregnancy developments are completely normal and you must help your wife instead of worrying yourself. A few of the most common symptoms that a dad to be should expect include:

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You will notice that your wife will start to eat more in quantity as now her body is working for two people instead of one. This is the most common thing when it comes to what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy. You should try to make her resting area as comfortable as possible and be there for her every step of the way.

What to expect in the second trimester

In the second trimester these symptoms will persist but your wife will be better able to deal with these symptoms as now she is used to them. This particular trimester will be easier for the wife in terms of accommodating her new lifestyle and starting a new routine. However, when it comes to planning for your future, the dad to be will start getting more and more anxious as the delivery date arises as there are quite a few things about what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy and everything doesn’t have to do with the mother’s symptoms. Expecting dads should know about how to adjust another family income in his current payroll. Should he request for a promotion, an advance or look for another job? Will his current income suffice or does he need to earn more? Will he need to buy a new transportation for the baby or will the old car suffice? Furthermore the dad to be needs to decide upon what type of a father he should be? And the most difficult part is that the father has just a limited amount of time to make all of these decisions and take an initiative. If the father to be wants to bring about any changes, he should do it immediately. All in all this particular trimester, according to the week by week pregnancy guide suggests will be smoother than the first when it comes to dealing with your wife’s pregnancy symptoms, however few other worries might surface and you want to deal with them instantly.

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The necessities for the third trimester

The third trimester according to the week by week pregnancy guide suggests will be hectic one, as the wife comes even closer to the delivery date. The father to be will have to get over the fear of pregnancy by this time and will need to start planning for the day of the delivery. The last trimester asks for the father to set up all the necessary things that the new born baby and your wife might need after the delivery. The time when your baby enters this world, he or she will require things such as feeding apparatus, clothes, towels, diapers, nappies, bibs and everything you can think of so plan ahead and make a list of all of the things. Then go out and purchase all of these things even before the baby is born and make sure that the baby’s room is set up before the delivery week dawns upon you.

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