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Dad’s Guide to Pregnancy – Weekly Guides for Dads

Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy - Weekly Guides For Dads This could be your wife’s pregnancy, yet it is not just for one, but it is a joint venture. As her partner, you would be with her in every step of the way, weekly and for the whole 40 weeks. To help you out, then here’s what an expectant father should consider.

Weekly guide for first trimester


The first trimester would go about 13 weeks. Of course, the first two weeks would about trying to get her pregnant. Whenever you found out that your wife is now pregnant, then, there will be some limitations into her consumption, most especially with alcohol. However, a sip or two for some special occasions can be a good thing as well. From 4 weeks to 7 weeks pregnant, you will be counting up the days until she could put the home pregnancy test to use, but keep in mind that too much of excitement can be somewhat a distracting thing.

As an expecting dad, you need to take your time for handing out the cigars and even with bubble gums. At week 6, you may notice her experience morning sickness like running to the toilet in the morning, afternoon or even midnight. At week 7, the best foods you could give to her would be crackers. From 8 weeks up to 13 weeks pregnant, you may notice physical changes in her, like breast enlargement, mood swings. Well, you should never fight with her mood swings, as it would not be good for both of you.

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Getting through some doctor appointments would be the best you can do, not to mention that it shows moral support. For 11 weeks, doing the house chores just like cleaning up your house is another thing you should consider. Moreover, making love while she is pregnant is a crucial thing. Anyhow, if you both want it, then do it with the best of sensitivity and caution. For the last week of the first trimester, your wife would be talking more about the baby inside, and you should always get yourself into it.

Weekly guide for second trimester

The second trimester would start from 14 weeks up to 27 weeks. The 14th week, will serves as the realization that your wife is pregnant and that you are a dad-to-be. For the week 15, it would be best for you to start choosing baby names and get the first ultrasound picture on 17th week. You should also start cooking some foods for your wife, make sure that it is not only healthy for the both of you, but a healthy food for the baby as well. Week 19 needs to focus on the childbirth preparations.

You may see something moving on your wife’s stomach. Well, that’s your baby kicking. For 23rd week pregnancy, you must never deprive yourself by getting into sexual acts. This is for the reason that your wife may just simply enjoy the act more than ever. You may just treat your wife for some amazing vacation, but make sure that it is something she can be relaxed. Do it on week 26! For week 27, your wife may feel some contractions. However, don’t panic. That’s part of being pregnant.

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Weekly guide for third trimester

Do you know what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy in the third trimester? Well, it is actually the last phase of week-by-week pregnancy and the baby will be arriving sooner. So, for 28th week pregnant, you should let your wife to decide if she would go for bottle or breast feeding. Keep in mind breast-feeding a baby is very healthy. For 29th week, preparing for your father hood is something you need to think about. There are guides for pregnancy for dads you can consider. Get them up. On the other hand, you being a dad could experience some sort odd symptoms. Well, you will never be alone in this phase of life. For 32 weeks, you must choose your pediatrician, start packing an overnight bag, and check it twice, thrice, or look up for things you may need.

Moreover, some sort of preparation today could simply keep your baby from arriving into the backseat of a taxi. Keep in mind about the unplanned delivery. Moreover, for the 36th week of your wife being pregnant, you must always keep in touch with here. Your absence is merely not a good thing during times like this. Of course, being an expectant father, you may have instincts, so you should always make the most out of it. For 38 weeks, you are getting nearer to the point of baby’s arrival. Well, you should consider the things you need to bring to the hospital. Keep in mind that labor is simply unpredictable, so you should plan and pack up some ideas for the passing hours. For the 39th week, always remember that you have a very big role in terms of breastfeeding. Apart from those, baby proofing your house is a very essential thing. Take care of these things out and secure your house. For 41 and 42 weeks, you need to keep yourself busy and consider the last minute preparations.

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