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Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy – Simple Tips For You To Survive

Why is it important for the dad to be to know about pregnancy?

Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy - Simple Tips For You To Survive A first time father to be wouldn’t know a single about pregnancy for dads if it were up to him hence the father to be needs all the help he can possibly get. This article will provide such a dad to be with all the necessary tips regarding pregnancy for dads. So think of this article as being the survival kit during pregnancy for the expectant father.

When talking about what to expect during pregnancy and whatever information that the father-to-be should acquire will be mentioned here, so that you can have a smooth and calm pregnancy. the first thing that the expectant father should figure out is to know each and everything there is to know about pregnancy and what the mother will go through during this entire month.

There are numerous books and guides present that tell you about what to know about pregnancy in the market and on the web that provides all the necessary information regarding pregnancy and the week to week development of the fetus. This way you would know exactly what the mother to be is going through and will go an extra mile to make everything perfect for her, since after all pregnancy is an incredibly tough time for the mother and the expectant father cannot possibly imagine if he doesn’t himself.

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What the expectant father should know about


A few of the things that the father to be should know regarding what to know about pregnancy, firstly include the symptoms of the pregnancy that define the week by week progress. A few of the symptoms that are most obvious and can be easily picked by the dad to be include the following:

  • Your wife feeling nauseous most of the time. During pregnancy for pregnant wife will feel repulsed by normal smells which may cause her to vomit without any warning.
  • Morning sickness is something that prevails throughout the entire pregnancy. The dad to be should know that morning sickness doesn’t primarily occur during the morning. It is known to persist all day and even at night and in some unlucky cases throughout the entire pregnancy.
  • Most pregnant women start experiencing pelvic and back pain due to massive bodily changes in her body. Pregnancy isn’t only hard but also painful at times too.
  • The pregnant woman finds it hard to move around during the latter months and will spend most of her time in bed. This is mainly due to the weight of the fetus and also because she feels tired and exhausted as her body is taking care of not one but two people.
  • She will feel hungry most of the time; however she cannot possibly eat heavy meals since she is already stuffed due to the place the fetus takes.
  • Her feet will become swollen due to her sitting or lying down most of the time. Read more about special tips on how to prevent swollen ankles in pregnancy.
  • Headaches might even persist if she is feeling under stressed.
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How the father to be should handle the situation

These are just a few of the signs that pregnancy for dads’ says what to expect during pregnancy. so what can the dad do to make sure that his pregnant wife makes it through sanely? A few pregnancy tips for dads will provide them with easy solutions.

  • For the morning sickness, what the father should so is to provide the mother with ample liquids to keep her hydrated. Do not make her eat oily or heavy foods as this will result in more vomiting. What you should do is to provide her with crackers, biscuits or light food that she can nibble on.
  • Make sure that the mother has a bucket or a bag by her side at all times, if you do not want things to get messy.
  • You should visit your doctor and not only ask him what to expect during pregnancy but also ask him to prescribe for pain killers that may be okay for your wife to take. This way you can help to ease her pain whenever she experiences back ache.
  • Make sure that her bed and wherever she is sitting is as comfortable as it can be. Since she will be spending a majority of her time there, make sure it is soft and cozy.
  • Help your wife to move around, since she needs some exercise. Accompany her on brisk and slow walks and be by her side at all times.
  • Fulfill her every need, especially her cravings, since pregnancy is known to cause random cravings and mood swings.
  • Help her relieve her stress. Since this will be a stressful period massages and spending quality time will allow her to relieve all the stress that is bottled up.
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Since now you know what to expect during pregnancy and what to know about pregnancy you should be able to deal with the situations accordingly. Pregnancy for dads isn’t difficult. All it asks for is determination and acquiring all the knowledge you can about dads and pregnancy.

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