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Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy- Pregnancy Signs Dad-To-Be Should Know

Pregnancy is a gift and it should be something a partner must be proud of. Keep in mind that not every partner in the world could conceive a baby. So, when you had conceived a baby, then you are lucky. The only thing is that, if you are an expectant dad, then you might have no idea about what you should do and how would you be able to take care of your expectant wife.

Well, better fatherhood starts from how you would be taking care of your wife. If you don’t know the things you need to do, then how could you be a good expectant father to your children. So, let’s go back to giving you the best dad’s guide to pregnancy. The first thing that you should consider is to know the pregnancy signs, early pregnancy symptoms, how soon do pregnancy symptoms start, the first symptoms of pregnancy, the earliest pregnancy symptoms and things alike.

If you already know things like those, then you are off to being a good new father and enjoy your family life. So, to get on your main goal about knowing the pregnancy signs, then here are some of the tips for you.

Fatigue and exhaustion


Normally, it happens on the early stages of pregnancy and an early symptom of pregnancy and goes towards the end. Your cheerful or energetic wife may become totally week and exhausted. So, if you see such difference to your wife’s being a little drained, then understanding her would be the best thing you can do for her.

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Missed menstrual periods

It is actually an apparent sign for those who are on the regular period cycles, yet it may go reverse for those who have irregular cycles. Thus, it would be best for you to avoid any sort of physical activities whenever you both had pass down the regular period cycle. This would help you both to be safe.

Gastric and Heartburn

When do pregnancy symptoms start, this would surely happen. It may not be easy to look up at your wife with all the pain causing you the higher amounts of acid within the stomach. The enlargement of the uterus would simply puts down pressure upon the stomach, causing the buildup of acid. Well, one way for you to help you wife is by avoiding her to drink milk and get rid of those oily and spicy foods on her diet. Being ready for this would simply give you the chance to at least lessen the pain that she feels.

Recurrent Urination

Another thing that you may notice is that, your expectant wife will have frequent and excessive urination. Well, the enlargement of the uterus would not only put down great pressure upon the stomach, but the bladder that causes the feel of urinating more often. However, there’s no need for you to worry, for the reason that this is not a painful one for her. It would just only make her feel tired going back and forth to the comfort room.

Breast Soreness

This is one of the common signs and symptoms of pregnancy, yet it could also be a sign for an impending period. However, the soreness of such case is somewhat caused by the changes of the tissues preparing for the pregnancy. Your wife may even experience her breast becoming larger and the nipple would become darker and bigger.

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These cravings could sometimes be a strange one and you, as an expectant dad may find it weird. However, what she ask must always be given, as it will only make her feel like deprived. Well, nobody wants to see their wives crying for such weird foods, because of the thought that it may be bad for them. Just give it to her. It is a normal sign of pregnancy and you need to keep a good stock of food she’s asking on your storage.


Dizziness merely happens due to lower blood pressure happening to your wife’s body during pregnancy. It may become worse for some time. So, you, as a man should always consider thinking about her and must always be beside her to guide her all throughout the phase of her pregnancy.

As the dad to be, you will be the walls of your relationship. So, since your wise is now conceiving a child, it may be a little hard for her to do everything the she does before. Your support for her matters a lot and it would make her feel relax and healthy. Keeping her away from stress would let her bear a healthy child.

So, to make things work out, considering those pregnancy signs that dad-to-be should know would matter a lot. What are you waiting for? Apply this to yourself and be the best example of a true and responsible parent-to-be. The happiness you would feel when a healthy and cuddly baby arrives is totally priceless.

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